UK wrestling promoter Len Davies produces ‘Emergency: LA’ to showcase heroics of firefighters, police

Can you imagine Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle playing a cop on television?

If Len Davies has his way, this will happen in the near future.

The United Kingdom wrestling promoter turned Hollywood executive has been shopping around “Emergency: LA” to networks. The project is in the funding stage.

Davies wrote and created the concept, which also sees former WWE diva and TNA Knockout Katarina Waters in a prominent role.

Davies arrived in Hollywood in 2011 with hopes of working primarily as an actor. When he realized that occupation wasn’t going to pay the bills, his production came to the forefront again. The idea birthed in November.

“I woke up at four o’clock in the morning,” he said. “I had this whole premise for ‘Emergency: LA’ in my head. The whole thing, I don’t know where it came from. It was almost like someone plugged it in my head when I went to sleep. I sat in front of the computer, the whole thing came together. That was literally a week before I was due to do this One Direction thing with [TNA Impact Wrestling’s] Kurt Angle. He was doing this thing at the YouTube studios here in Los Angeles.”

Angle participated in a skit with the boy band’s Liam Payne as part of “1D Day.” Davies also has a working relationship with TNA.

“Kurt and I had conversations about acting a few years earlier,” he said. “He was interested in a part. Basically it all went from there. The whole thing about ‘Emergency: LA’ is a lot of the other shows about cops and firefighters all go for the negativity. They all go for the big drama. Not many focus more on the heroic aspect of the job. When we dial 9-1-1, these guys and girls put their lives on the line every single time. I’m trying to get a little of that back.”

He likens the feel of the show to “Flashpoint,” which followed an elite tactical unit in Canada. Davies seeks funding for the project but has already mapped 13 episodes including the pilot “City of Angels.” The show will focus on the good the men and women in uniform do.

“It’s dramatic but has a positive message,” he said. “They all come out in a positive light. Personal things happen, but overall I want people to get the message when you call 9-1-1, you have professional people to take care of you.”

Those involved see the fact it would be shot in true 4K as a major selling point. With 4K televisions being sold, it’s the next generation in technology. Davies has worn many hats in front of the camera and behind it. He founded Real Quality Wrestling and has worked with many companies on the British wrestling scene.

The promoter saw a need to upgrade production on the way events were being presented. Sky TV began airing his shows. During his tenure, he worked with many current WWE superstars on a bigger stage for the first time including Drew McIntyre, Paige and Sheamus. Davies’ Spectrum Multimedia has done video and production work for Discovery Channel, BBC and other outlets.

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