Interview with former WWE superstar Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy says the famous Table, Ladders & Chairs matches he had in World Wrestling Entertainment -- when he teamed with his brother, Jeff Hardy, as the Hardy Boys -- left a mark on their bodies.

Rodolfo Roman of The Roman Show, based in South Florida, spoke to Hardy after he recently teamed with Shane Hurricane Helms against Carlito and Chris Masters at the Continental Wrestling Federation’s Maximum Force event in Miami.

“Whenever human flesh and bones get slammed on ladders, tables, all the TLC, all that stuff, the flesh is not going to win,” he said. “Those matches take a toll. Those were tough grueling matches. It took time from our career and am sure down the road, but those are the matches that made us famous.”

The Hardy Boys, the Dudley Boys and Edge and Christian made TLC in WWE memorable. Hardy said each TLC match presented its own challenge.

“That was tough,” he said. “It was a challenge to overcome the last match. We were innovative.”

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