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Former WWE superstar John Morrison making movies, shining in CWF

John Morrison may have lost to Sonjay Dutt in a ladder match at the Continental Wrestling Federation show on Saturday, May 10 in Miami, but the WWE alum proved he can still electrify an audience.

The charismatic star continues to have a passion for entertaining, inside and outside the ring.

“I love working for Ryan [Koch] and the CWF,” Morrison said after the event at Florida International University’s U .S. Century Bank Arena.

“I love the fans here…When you get on the independent wrestling scene, there are no handcuffs. You can do whatever you want. Everything you thought was funny as a kid, you can do out there. That’s what makes independent wrestling so great. It’s one of the reasons I have such a good time performing in the CWF in a place like here and CWF.”

The 34-year-old Californian left WWE in 2011 but finds he is busier now than when he was with the company. Aside from lacing up the boots and dawning the bedazzled fur coat, Morrison found steady work in a number of movies.

“I recently finished filming a Hercules movie,” Morrison said. “I’m mentioning that especially here because these are the stomping grounds of Dwayne Johnson [The Rock]. His Hercules movie is coming out in theaters mid-July. The Hercules movie that I shot is a lower budget film, and it’s going to be coming out hopefully a week before his comes out to possibly Syfy or DVD or VOD [video on-demand]. I don’t know what avenue they’re going to take with the Hercules movie I’m in, but it’s going to be fun.”

The workout enthusiast is also building his presence in the exercise world with ‘Out of Your Mind Fitness.’ The program was developed in partnership with personal trainer Jeff Carrier.

“I’ve spent about two years doing [this],” Morrison said. “It’s been on the market for almost six months. It’s comprised of five levels. It takes anybody from any fitness level. If you can do a pushup or a squat, you can start at level one and build yourself up to crazy Tarzan strength to one-armed pull-ups, frog stands, handstands, pushups and pistol squats. Really the idea of ‘Out of Your Mind Fitness’ is the journey, about getting in shape.

“A lot of yogis will talk like that. It’s about the practice of learning to train your body to do these moves and the benefits you get both functioning and strength-wise and longevity-wise.”

JoMo has been gone from WWE a few years. However, he is still a fan and looks back fondly of his time working there. Among his favorite experiences was working with his rival, tag team partner and friend The Miz.

“I thought our personalities were starkly different and also similar in strange ways, too,” Morrison said. “When we rode, we came up with that online show ‘The Dirt Sheet’ together. That’s how we passed all the time on the car rides. I really think it helped me develop my public persona, that onscreen persona and take that to the next level with all that time I spent with The Miz doing ‘The Dirt Sheet.’

“It was really cool to have the autonomy to see ‘The Dirt Sheet’ to fruition and that the feud with The Miz was great. The falls count anywhere matches that I got to have toward the end of my career. That one I had with The Miz is one of my favorite matches of all-time.”

Morrison doesn’t rule out a return to WWE, though who knows when his schedule would allow that with all his future projects.

“After this, I’m going to be filming a movie up in Vancouver about a talking dog,” Morrison said. “In mid-June I’m starting production on ‘Boone: The Bounty Hunter,’ which is the first movie I’ve co-written, produced and star in. It’s kind of what I love to do. It’s taken me a really long time to figure out how to do it, but I couldn’t be more excited about ‘Boone: The Bounty Hunter.’

“It’s going to be a full-time job, but it’s going to be the exact type of movie that I think I would have loved as a kid. I’m expecting that everyone is a fan of John Morrison, wrestling and action movies to really love it.”

Since the “Guru of Greatness” left WWE, he has witnessed many of his former coworkers reach new heights and emerging talent get their opportunity to shine. If he ever made a comeback the competitor feels he wouldn’t have a problem finding quality opponents to work against.

“Those guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, The Shield, guys who I knew coming up,” Morrison said. “Daniel Bryan was around even before I was around. Seeing how good he was back then and seeing how hard he worked for that long. Seeing him get that opportunity in this run as WWE champion feels really good. You can tell it feels really good to the fans obviously because they are so enthusiastic when he comes out. It’s cool to watch the landscape shift in WWE.”