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We can learn much from true wrestling fans Connor Michalek, Donovan Hill

Do you remember what it was like to be a pro wrestling fan when you were young?

Cheering for your favorites, booing the ones you didn’t like, collecting the figurines, wearing the merchandise, you enjoyed it very much.

Then as you got older, something happened.

You lost sight of what it’s really all about.


We can learn from Connor Michalek and Donovan Hill, two young wrestling fans whose enthusiasm and passion resonate as to the true meaning of wrestling fan.

They were not jaded or cynical or mean-spirited or angered or overly opinionated about what they watched.

They did not tweet nor blog or post on Facebook stating everything the company did was wrong. They did not watch to rip the person, persona and product. Why, anyway, would you spend so much time watching something you didn’t like? Just to be negative?

Connor and Donovan, two 8-year-olds, were positive. They liked it. That’s why they watched.

Until recently.

Connor and Donovan touched many lives, before succumbing to cancer.

Fighting til the end, they are inspirations.

So the next time you’re ready to spew some negativity about the two or three hours of pro wrestling/sports entertainment you took the time to channel, just sit back, relax and tweet one for Connor. Post one for Donovan.

Be positive.

Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Big Show, Sheamus, AJ Lee, Batista, Stephanie McMahon and the entire WWE roster and staff fell in love with him.

WWE salutes Connor.


Loved by wrestlers and fans at the Impact Zone, he made a lot of new friends. TNA even dedicated an Impact Wrestling show to him.


Sting meets Donovan and his family


A.J. Styles meets Donovan and his family