SHINE Nova Women’s Wrestling Tournament on Friday in Ybor City

The official matchmaker of SHINE says fans are in for a treat with the SHINE 43 card.

SHINE 43 will feature eight first round matches of the SHINE Nova Women’s Wrestling Championship Tournament. The event occurs 9 p.m. Friday, July 14 at The Orpheum, 1915 E. 7th Ave., Ybor City, near Tampa.

The event will be streamed on

SHINE matchmaker Rob Naylor spoke to Rodolfo Roman of The Roman Show. He said to keep a close eye on the new talent. There is variety.

“We were happy to have Holidead. She has worked for the Stardom promotion in Japan,” he said. “Jordynne Grace has been dominant in the Northeast. She brings a powerful style and great technique.”

He said SHINE wanted to offer something fresh.

“We wanted something for the younger talent,” he said. “Something else to fight for that old WWF Intercontinental title dynamic, if you will. The tournament...the dates were scheduled the same dates of the Mae Young Classic. Of course you pull back, and say, ‘Wow, that’s going to take away potential talents from the tournament.’ But what happened here is it showed me the multitude of talent that is out there because you have Shimmer, Shine and the Mae Young Classic. It is unreal right now how many girls are going. I was happy how much talent we have.”

He also talked choosing talent, status of women’s wrestling and SHINE serving as a stepping-stone to the next level for ladies in the sport.


Rodolfo Roman is a freelance writer and TV producer and reporter.



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