Wojcik reviews SummerSlam 1988 featuring Honky Tonk Man, Warrior

Alan Wojcik reviews Super Card: Summerslam 1988 which features Intercontential Champ Honky Tonk Man against the Ultimate Warrior.

Twenty-seven seconds is all it took for the Ultimate Warrior to end the longest reign of any WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight champion at 454 days. But the journey to that one moment in Madison Square Garden was several years in the making, and it nearly didn’t happen because of a meeting leading to a main event TV taping.

That’s why former WWE superstar and Kayfabe Commentaries veteran Honky Tonky Man was chosen for episode two of the Super Card series to address the journey to SummerSlam 1988.

Host and producer Sean Oliver has done, I believe, every Kayfabe Commentaries project with Honky at one point or another; so there is a great rapport between them for the two hours they spend together.

The major highlights of the edition are:

Honky’s arrival in WWE in 1986 from the Hart/Calgary territory (with the help of Hulk Hogan), Why Vince McMahon brought him in as a babyface, the Vote of Confidence segments that turned him bad (thanks to Jesse Ventura), being paired with WWE HOF Jimmy Hart, working with Jake Roberts at WrestleMania III, winning the title and how Butch Reed missing a show led to it happening, a legendary meeting about a title drop to Randy Savage at the Main Event show (Feb 1988 where Andre the Giant beat Hulk Hogan and handed the belt to Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase), working with Brutus Beefcake at WrestleMania IV and and the setup to the title switch.

This is better than the first episode with King Kong Bundy. The disagreement between Honky Tonk Man, Savage and McMahon could be a DVD release on its own or perhaps a new series from Kayfabe Commentaries. Honky Tonk Man’s reason for refusing to drop the title should make sense to even the casual fan.

Honky Tonk Man shares memories of the talent he worked with before the IC title run. Some of them get buried while others are praised. We also recap the guitar shot incident with Jake Roberts.

With the match against Warrior lasting 27 seconds, Honky Tonk Man and Oliver walk through the bout in amazing detail.

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