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Gunner on The Roman Show from ICW LuchaFest V Miami

Former TNA Impact Wrestling star Gunner is eyeing the bodybuilding stage, and he has a good relationship with his former employer.

The Iraqi veteran -- who was part of the ICW LuchaFest V card on Saturday, April 22 at Miami Senior High School -- joined The Roman Show for an interview.

Gunner said he is grateful for Impact Wrestling.

“I keep in touch with them [Impact Wrestling],” he said. “I was released in 2015. I was let go. I keep in touch with Jeff Jarrett. I keep a good relationship with them because you never know. My daughter was born, and I’ve been resting my body -- something I haven’t done in 12 years. They gave me my first shot in professional wrestling. I definitely owe them.”

He said that he likes what the new management has presented.

“What I like is that they are bringing younger talent,” he said. “They are trying to bring the grassroots back when they brought guys that no one knew about. At the time, no one knew A. J. Styles, Abyss.. I like to see them give opportunities. You go to these indie shows, and you see guys all over Florida and North Carolina, and you see great talent.”

He also discussed veterans making their way in professional wrestling.

“Indie is becoming a hot bed,” he said. “You can make a living in the indies now. I think with the way the indie scene is, well, the military guys do MMA, but I think you will see military guys making their way into wrestling because a lot of the guys have stories. They are character driven.”

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