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Fun FSCW combines pro wrestling with cosplay at comic-con

Darby Allen as Daredevil from Marvel Comics in a Florida Super Championship Wrestling show on Friday, April 14 during Supercon Retro of Florida Supercon at the Miami Airport Convention Center. FSCW features trained pro wrestlers in cosplay match-ups.
Darby Allen as Daredevil from Marvel Comics in a Florida Super Championship Wrestling show on Friday, April 14 during Supercon Retro of Florida Supercon at the Miami Airport Convention Center. FSCW features trained pro wrestlers in cosplay match-ups. Photo By Jim Varsallone

Pro wrestlers enjoy cosplay as much as anyone.

The genres are somewhat similar. Pro wrestlers in elaborate attire are portraying characters, occasionally a bit of reality, but most times it’s their in-ring persona and/or alter ego. Cosplay, fans portraying their favorite comic book, sci-fi, movie, TV, video game, anime character -- a favorite persona and/or somewhat alter ego.

Florida Super Championship Wrestling gives pro wrestlers and cosplayers a chance to bridge two worlds -- cosplay and pro wrestling -- and the cosplay fans, as well as the wrestlers, love it.

FSCW made a triumphant return during Supercon Retro April 14-16 at the Miami Airport Convention Center.

Supercon Retro is under the direction of Mike Broder and Sandy Martin, who are the creators of Florida Supercon.

Many pro wrestlers are into comics, sci-fi, video games, anime. They jumped at the chance to wrestle for FSCW.

The wrestling is part of a comic-con, so attendees at Supercon Retro applauded the character portrayals more than the moves. Pro wrestlers don’t have to go all out with risky moves nor ring psychology at FSCW. Well, it’s a different psychology. Emulate your cosplay character.

Pro wrestling talent did just that, creating some unique comic-con style match-ups in the ring for FSCW.

Angel Rose, who is Diamante with Impact Wrestling, became Mileena from Mortal Kombat. Indie wrestling stars Alex Chamberlain (Skeletor), Leva Bates/Blue Pants (Jinx), Mike Monroe (Dovahkiin), Su Yung (Evil-Lyn), Edward Malken (Hercule Satan), Aerial Monroe (Vixen), Donovan Danhausen (Arrow), Aria Blake (Yoko Littner), Darby Allen (Daredevil), Angel Crush (Harley Quinn), Stevie Stamos (Bane), Dash Maverick (Mario), K-Kling (Shocker) and TC Read (Luigi, Casey Jones) and more competed.

The Voice Heather Kid Cadet Reicher as April O’Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the ring announcer, and the commentators were The Guru David Garreau, Nick Unthank and Gentleman Jim Sherbert.

Ronin commentator John Beaver exquisitely portrayed French villain Batroc Ze Leaper from Marvel Comics against TC Read as Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Edward Malken as the crowd-pleasing Hercule Satan with Elgin David as Jimmy Firecracker from Dragon Ball Z.

Aron Agony marvelously mastered the inflatable T-Rex costume, which erupted the audience and commentators. #PrecambrianStunner

Bruce Owens as Bruce Owens, Stud Magnum as Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z and Mr. Mike were the referees. Dan Parrella as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama was the newly appointed FSCW Commissioner. Lauren as FSCW Owner Malory Archer, and her assistant Doris as Cheryl Tunt from Archer.

During Supercon Retro, WWE Hall of Famers Booker T, Teddy Long and Jake The Snake Roberts and WWE alum Gangrel signed autographs, posed for photos and shared stories throughout the weekend. Long even made a surprise appearance during one of three FSCW shows, calling for a tag team match, of course.

The women of FSCW conducted a Q&A panel each day by the ring. Wrestlers Angel Rose/Diamante (Mileena from Mortal Kombat), Su Yung (Evil Lyn from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe), Angel Crush (Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad), Aerial Monroe (Vixen from Justice League) and moderator Leva Bates/Blue Pants (Jinx from League of Legends) participated in the Q&A.

The men of FSCW also held a Q&A panel, moderated by Nick Unthank, each day by the ring. Wrestlers Alex Chamberlain (Skeletor), John Beaver (Batroc Ze Leaper), Donovan Danhausen (Arrow) and Stevie Stamos (Bane) participated in that Q&A.

Headlocked: The Hard Way

Michael Kingston, creator of Headlocked, the wrestling comic book was a Supercon Retro guest. Kingston, who checked out the FSCW shows, was promoting his latest creation, “Headlocked: The Hard Way,“ with cover art by Jerry Lawler and additional content and stories from Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Tugboat/Shockmaster, Lince Dorado.

For a video interview with Kingston, click this link:


Link to Kickstarter campaign:


“Headlocked: The Hard Way” promo video:


About “Headlocked: The Hard Way”

Following the events of “Headlocked: The Last Territory Volume 2,” we find Mike Hartmann, still in Texas training under Dr. Destruction, struggling to deal with his new reality. As Mike is starting to learn, when it comes to the wrestling business...(ahem)...there is no easy way. Since the first issue, we've been teasing the event that had left Mike Hartmann bloody, hospitalized, and blackballed from the wrestling business. In “Headlocked: The Hard Way,” we finally learn the details of what happened on that fateful night.

“Headlocked: The Hard Way”:

Writer: Mike Kingston

Artist: Michel Mulipola

Cover Artist: Jerry “The King” Lawler

Famous wrestlers contributing:

Jerry Lawler (cover art)

Ric Flair (story)

Mick Foley (story)

Cody Rhodes (story)

Kenny Omega (story)

Tugboat/Shockmaster (art)

Lince Dorado (art)

About FSCW

FSCW features trained pro wrestlers who depict comic book, video game, movie, TV and anime type characters for that comic-con audience.

Check out http://floridasupercon.com/florida-super-championship-wrestling-fscw/

FSCW may return July 27-30 during Florida Supercon at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. Keep posted.

WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley, Jerry The King Lawler, Lita, Ric Flair and Sting will sign autographs and pose for photos, and Michael Kingston, creator of the Headlocked pro wrestling comic book series, will have a booth at Florida Supercon.


About Supercon Retro

From the creators of Florida Supecon, Supercon Retro is a throwback event to relive the vibe of Florida Supercon before it exploded onto the South Florida scene. Under the direction of Mike Broder and Sandy Martin, the 3-day retro type spectacular returned to the MACC (Miami Airport Convention Center). Guests were handpicked from TV, movies, pro wrestling, anime, cartoons, comics, cosplay, and video games who are super fun to hang with.

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