University of Florida

Offensive coordinator wants Florida Gators to increase tempo

Offensive coordinator Kurt Roper wants the Gators to pick up the pace.

UF ran 86 offensive plays in its 65-0 romp over Eastern Michigan — the highest number of snaps in the Will Muschamp era and up 20 snaps from 66.1 plays per game in 2013.

But Roper said the tempo wasn’t fast enough.

“Our average [snap] was 14 seconds [left] on the play clock. We would like our average snap to be 18 seconds on the clock,” he said.

The Gators executed their new scheme brilliantly, racking up 655 yards and seven touchdowns, yet 21 plays with at least 18 seconds remaining on the play clock is not enough, per Roper.

“We would like to be faster,” he continued. “I think it gets down to our guys understanding giving the ball back to the official and getting lined up in a hurry. Too many times we left the ball on the ground at the end of a play where an official has to go get it to spot it and those type things.”


Muschamp was pleased with Florida’s performance in the opener, but 10 penalties for 100 yards drew the ire of UF’s coach.

“I’m very concerned about the three procedure issues,” he said.

Jeff [ Driskel] has to be aware when the clock is ticking down. We’ve got to get the ball snapped. That was on the one time in the game with the situation where the cadence with Treon [ Harris]. Trip [ Thurman] had two false starts, which you just can’t have. And Leon [ Orr’s] block behind the ball is stupid. Those are things that I am concerned about,” Muschamp said. “We’ll address those.”