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Gators OC Kurt Roper says infamous Gator-on-Gator block ‘a product of season’

Florida’s 4-8 season was epitomized by its infamous Gator-on-Gator block in the loss to Georgia Southern, but new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper said those plays happens all the time in football.

Roper, who has seen the viral video, explained the Gators simply caught a raw deal because they were a bad football team in 2013.

“So last year we were 10-2, pretty good team [at Duke],” Roper said.

“We're playing North Carolina to win the [ACC] Coastal outright. We're down 25-24, we got the ball on the 6-yard line; we have second-and-goal so touchdown's big, field goal puts us ahead. We're running down about three minutes to go in the game, I call a play and both our guards pull. One of them was supposed to pull and the other one wasn't. Well, both guards pulled and they ran right into each other. That doesn't get mentioned because we went 10-2 in the regular season. Nobody sees it. How many times do defensive linemen run twist games up front and run right into each other? And I think it's just a product of the season.”

• Former Ray Guy Award finalist

Kyle Christy

and sophomore

Johnny Townsend

continue to compete for Florida’s starting punting job.

According to coach Will Muschamp, Christy, who was benched in favor of Townsend last year, has “been more consistent to this point but no decision has been made.”

If Christy does regain a stronghold on the position, Townsend would likely redshirt this fall.

“That’s something we’ve talked about,” Muschamp said.