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UM’s offense stunk last week, this coach said. He needs it fixed fast

University of Miami offensive coordinator Thomas Brown said on Tuesday that in the midst of adversity, some Hurricanes are not on board.
University of Miami offensive coordinator Thomas Brown said on Tuesday that in the midst of adversity, some Hurricanes are not on board.

University of Miami offensive coordinator Thomas Brown tells it like it is. And Tuesday after practice, he told it in no uncertain terms.

Asked about the offense’s performance at North Carolina, Brown ripped the Hurricanes.

“I think the whole game was a concern, if you watched us play on offense,’’ Brown said. “Obviously, the worst performance we have had this entire year, maybe, the worst one that we have had since we have been in Miami. It’s just a lack of focus, a lack of execution, and we just got flat-out outplayed, to be honest with you.

“It was embarrassing to see, embarrassing to be a part of coaching-wise. We will definitely get it addressed and go back to work.”

Brown said he was embarrassed by “all of it.’’

The Canes averaged 1.8 yards per rush, gaining only 59 yards for the game, in UM’s 24-19 victory at UNC.

The Tar Heels registered two sacks.

“Again, mentally from the guys that haven’t missed assignments, guys that are veterans and have done certain reps a million times and never screwed it up, for whatever reason screwed it up. They ran the wrong route, cut it short, dropped the ball, incomplete pass, blocking scheme or reads from a tailback standpoint. Flat out, that guy that was across from you wanted it more, hit you in the face and you didn’t do a thing about it, which is embarrassing.”

Can Brown use the game as a teaching tool?

“I know you definitely don’t plan for that. We don’t say, ‘come out here and suck this week.’ There’s always something to draw from and pull from and obviously we’re going to be consistent every single week from a staff standpoint. Obviously, there’s room for improvement, we’re going to find ways to improve as much as possible. If there are highlight points, we’ll highlight those. For me it’s not about coming in and cussing everybody out, making everybody feel like they can’t play because we still have full confidence in our players. We just have to do a better job of doing our jobs.”

When asked what he has conveyed to his players coming into the crucial matchup with No. 13 Virginia Tech (7-1, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference), Brown talked about the magnitude of the game that awaits No. 9 UM (7-0, 5-0).

“The opportunity that we have right now, that we came to Miami for, what we came for from a coaching staff standpoint, all of those guys got recruited [and] came here to be a part of a great football team, and the stage is set right now with a really good opponent. It’s going to be prime-time television, 8 p.m. So it shouldn’t be much of a motivation speech to get you ready for that.”

▪ Quarterback Malik Rosier practiced Tuesday, but he is still hurting after injuring his shoulder against North Carolina.

“He’s fine,’’ Brown said. “He’s sore.

“A lot of guys are sore. It’s a violent, physical football game. Obviously he runs the ball at times, and does get hit, but we are all banged up. I tell everybody that plays football, ‘you’re not going to be healthy until you get done playing.’ I’m 31 years old and I’m the healthiest I’ve been in a long time, because nobody hits me anymore. You have to be able to be mentally locked in and take care of your body and get it ready to go every week.”