Women can punch, kick and win pole just like men

It’s a huge weekend for women in sports.

I speak of Danica Patrick commanding center stage in Sunday’s Daytona 500, after Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche made Saturday’s UFC 157 the first mixed-martial arts card headlined by women.

First, the fight:

What a historic watershed for the gender! To think that women have advanced so far in society that they now enjoy the very same rights as men to punch and kick each other. God bless America!

(I watched the fight, by the way, and I must say that, personally, I think UM president Donna Shalala could beat either one of those women based on the clobbering I just saw her deliver to the NCAA.)

Now, on to the race:

“Gentlemen, start your engines! And you, too, Danica!”

The Daytona 500 launches Patrick’s first full season of NASCAR Sprint Cup racing, and everyone is wondering whether she’ll live up to the hype and prove she is more than just the sex-symbol image she has invited with her suggestive, racy GoDaddy ads and revealing photo shoots.

She’ll need to start winning to make racing the first think you think of when you hear her name. Put it this way:

When somebody said to me this week, “Danica is on the pole,” I was relieved to find out they meant her position on the racetrack.

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