Greg Cote: Super Bowl Media Day marshals super parade of excess

Super Bowl With a Smirk has found through the years that nothing says Super Bowl silliness and excess quite like the annual Media Day, which was held Tuesday at the Superdome as the 49ers and then the Ravens availed themselves to teeming, undulating hordes of yukking radio clowns asking intentionally inane questions. Several legitimate journalists were there as well, all of them trying to deftly bait players into guaranteeing a victory a la Joe Namath.

Journalist: “How confident are you guys?”

Player: “Well, um, I’d say real confident.”


Occasionally, a player will say something somewhat noteworthy, such as the ghost of Randy Moss on Tuesday calling himself the greatest receiver ever. Banal quotes are the rule, though, as when 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was asked for the key to winning Super Bowl XLVII and replied, “Us going out and executing.”

A much better quote would have been: “Us going out and executing Joe Flacco and Ray Rice in a predawn drone strike.”

Much of the excess is in the media covering Media Day, as with this Smirk item, and especially as with NFL Network’s 4 1/2 hours of live coverage of the event. (I remember the good old days when a now bitterly infringed-upon ESPN had the monopoly on absurdly excessive coverage during the Super Bowl Week buildup.)

The NFL now allows fans to also share in Media Day. For $25, you could sit in the stands and watch the circus play out. Astonishingly, about 6,000 fans did Tuesday.

Which reminds me what P.T. Barnum said: “There’s about 6,000 suckers born every minute.”


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