Our Marlins Word of the Moment: omnishambles

London’s Oxford University Press, the dictionary folks, have revealed their 2012 Word of the Year. It is “omnishambles,” which is defined as, “a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged and is characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.”

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Surely, the team’s latest salary-dump fire sale and owner Jeffrey Loria’s uncanny ability to make his customers hate him somehow inspired the invention of the word, because mere “shambles” does not go nearly far enough for this newest mess our baseball franchise has made for itself.

On the bright side, local fans, a heartbreaking Canes football loss or five interceptions in two games by Ryan Tannehill don’t seem quite as bad when juxtaposed against a baseball owner who got a new stadium built on the promise of big payrolls and competitive teams and this week seemed to renege on that and betray that faith.

Miami-Dade County and the city of Miami apparently did not get in writing any minimum standards on player payrolls as part of the stadium deal. Shockingly, that puts Loria on the honor system, which is something like asking a drunk to close up the bar at night.

Am recalling the famous line from Animal House and picturing a grinning Loria saying it to local politicians and fans: “You can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes. You [screwed] up. You trusted us!”

Meanwhile, new Marlins manager Mike Redmond only has experience leading minor-league teams, which apparently will continue to be the case in 2013.

• Nigeria beat Venezuela on Wednesday in an international friendly played at Marlins Park. Following the game, all of the best players from both teams were traded to other countries by Loria.


Tiki Barber

has founded a company, Thuzio, that allows fans to rent athletes. Most are retired but some are not. One name that jumps out at us: Tannehill. Seriously. You can pay the Dolphins quarterback $5,000 to have dinner with you or attend your fantasy draft. You can pay him $7,500 to play a round of golf or attend your kid’s bar mitzvah. There also is a category called “Custom Request.” Here’s mine: I’ll pay Ryan $10,000 to quit throwing so damned many interceptions!

• Tackle

Jake Long

and punter

Brandon Fields

are the two Dolphins leading at their positions in early Pro Bowl fan voting. (Psst. Let’s not tell the fans that Jake isn’t having a very good season!)

• But on the bright side, Dolfans, the turbulence surrounding

Rex Ryan’s

Jets is fare worse than what Miami is going through. Brushfires everywhere. Good thing Fireman Ed is handy.

• No. 23 Miami plays No. 24 Tennessee on Sunday in one of the bigger home games in UM women’s basketball history. Both are out to prove they might be as good as just about any team not named Baylor.

• FIU and FAU, a combined 5-15, battled for the Shula Bowl trophy Friday night. Anybody else think it strange that the NFL’s all-time winningest coach is aligned with these schools? Sort of like the Sir Laurence Olivier Regional Dinner Theatre.

• NASCAR fined

Jeff Gordon

$100,000 but did not suspend him for intentionally wrecking

Clint Bowyer

, possibly resulting in payback Sunday at Homestead. Not sure what you have to do to get suspended. Perhaps if Gordon had leaned out the cockpit with an Uzi and shot out Bowyer’s tires?

• Lakers appeared to offer

Phil Jackson

their coaching job before publicly yanking it out from under him. That’s got to test a man’s Zen tranquility, huh? “What the — ommmmmm”

• The New York Knicks entered the weekend as the NBA’s last unbeaten team. “Not worried,” said

Mercury Morris


• Former Seahawk

Jerramy Stevens

and U.S. women’s soccer goalkeeper

Hope Solo

were married hours after a domestic dispute landed Stevens in jail. Over/under on length of marriage: How’s six months sound?

• A Florida-Georgetown basketball game on the deck of the USS Bataan was called at halftime because of condensation on the court. A Syracuse-San Diego State game aboard the USS Midway saw shots altered by strong winds. OK, enough. This was a novelty. Now it’s tired. Stop playing games on warships.

• NHL commissioner

Gary Bettman

has called for a two-week break in negotiations. Sure, because when your league’s lockout has seeped into its third month and the entire hockey season is in jeopardy what’s the hurry!?

• Rapper


joined the Hawks broadcast team for last week’s game against the visiting Heat. Turnabout is fair play, so what’s next?

Marv Albert

on stage hyping at an



• That reminds me. Rapper

50 Cent

has challenged

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

to a fight. I don’t wanna say 50 Cent is a has been, but isn’t his career down to about 10 Cent?

• Baseball’s string of postseason awards included

Miguel Cabrera

as AL MVP even though many thought rookie

Mike Trout

should have won. No. Rule of thumb: Anybody who wins a Triple Crown for the first time in 45 years gets to say he had the best season.

• The Los Angeles L.A. Galaxy and Houston Dynamo are angling to make it an MLS Cup rematch in soccer. That finals would feature

David Beckham

• Voters in Colorado and Washington State approved recreational use of marijuana, but the new law has not caused the immediate population boom expected. It’s because most of the folks driving there stopped their VW vans en route to have a snack and forgot where they were going or why.


Parting thought:

Florida State coach

Jimbo Fisher

said, “I think the BCS stinks.” OK. Maybe. But you have to admit the BCS stinks a little less now that

Nick Saban

lost and isn’t in its championship game.

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