Tough pill to swallow for LeBron James critics, haters

Heat players’ champagne hangovers have barely subsided (the championship parade isn’t even until Monday), and already Miami is set as the early 2012-13 NBA title favorite at 11-4 odds, followed by vanquished Oklahoma City at 5-1, then Chicago at 6-1.

Am proud to say our city’s celebration immediately following Thursday night’s home victory didn’t get too out of hand, because we’re a bit different here. You know how other urban areas sometimes riot after winning a championship by lighting fires and turning over cars?

The closest we came in South Beach was lighting flambés of bananas Foster and turning over shakers of Mojitos.

In addition to the beaten Thunder, the biggest losers coming out of the NBA Finals are all the LeBron James critics and haters who now have a much tougher challenge to maintain their animus. Much of that seems to have subsided, even in Cleveland, where Cavs owner Dan Gilbert congratulated Miami on Twitter (though not mentioning James). Also, “Congrats LeBron” was a briefly-trending topic on the social-media site.

Stubborn, lunatic outposts of vitriol remain, of course, entrenched, bunker-like.

Cleveland’s WTAM-1100 radio is inviting website visitors to affirm the lovely sentiment “You Still [Stink], LeBron!” and thousands have. In a Cleveland Plain-Dealer poll, about 67 percent are voting that they either never liked James or like him even less now that he has won a ring.

Stay classy, Cleveland!

Haters gonna hate. How many fans outside of South Florida probably thought James was faking those leg cramps? And remember, when, with Thursday’s clinching game well in hand, LeBron sat down with 3:01 to play so Heat fans could cheer him appreciatively? Hater headline:

“LeBron Scoreless In Last Three Minutes As Fourth-Quarter Fizzles Continue!”

Serge Ibaka
Kevin Durant Dwyane Wade James Harden’s

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Novak Djokovic Maria Sharapova

• Despite a broad public perception of guilt, Roger Clemens was acquitted on all six counts of perjury over steroids accusations. Leaving the courtroom, federal prosecutors tripped over their gigantic floppy shoes and fell flat on their big red clown noses.

Jerry Sandusky

Dan Le Batard Charles Barkley


Brian Campbell

Rick Pitino Richard Pitino

Tiger Woods

LaDainian Tomlinson

•  Ray Lewis conducted a defensive football camp at St. Thomas U. I understand the first day focused on scowling and gesticulating.

Jeffrey Loria Muhammad Ali

Babe Ruth

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