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Town Hall: What would you tell your legislator?

What would you tell state legislators at tonight’s town hall? Herald readers gave these responses to the Public Insight Network:

Military veterans

Florida does little for military veterans. I know because I have contacted my state representatives and they are deaf when I ask if the state will make it easier for veterans to get occupational licenses with the Department of Professional and Business Regulation. The DPBR currently only gives license application fee waivers if you are a honorably discharged veteran in the last two years. So, that eliminates most veterans from earlier wars.

Richard Collura, Plantation

Nurses without borders

I am a nurse who provides telenursing to people around the United States. When these folks return home, I cannot follow their care unless I obtain a nursing license in that state, which is very time consuming and very expensive. To date, 24 states have adopted multistate licensure. Florida is not part of this compact.

Kathleen Jarvis, Margate