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Readers pick what Florida should address in the 2013 legislative session

For the upcoming session, what would you ask state legislative leaders to do? Herald readers gave these responses to the Public Insight Network:

The GOP intentionally suppressed the vote. I want shorter ballots, a return to a maximum of 14 days of early voting, more flexibility in picking early voting sites, a return to early voting on the Sunday before an election (which was eliminated when the Legislature rewrote the election code in 2011).

Ellen Erlanger, Boca Raton

I have seen the school system deteriorate because of funding cuts approved by the elected officials and this governor. It is just plain unfair that we pay the brunt of the taxes in South Florida, yet our students suffer the most from budget cuts.

Pat Schicchi, Dania Beach

Considering the Georgetown report on expanding Medicaid that projects Florida would save $300 million in 2014 and $100 million by 2020 (the state would be paying for only 10 percent of the expansion costs), why is anyone considering turning down the federal funding for Medicaid expansion?

Margaret Kosyk, Miami

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