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Winner named in Miami Dolphins logo design competition

The votes are in — all 27,681 of them — and a winner has been declared by The Miami Herald’s readers.

Derek Maak of Yorktown, Va., was chosen as having the best design in the Dolphins Logo Bowl, which was launched in response to the online leak of a purported new Miami Dolphins logo in December.

More than 200 entries were submitted through the Public Insight Network, an online community of people who have agreed to share their expertise. The submissions ranged from abstract art and napkin sketches to water colors and tougher-looking versions of Miami’s famous mammal mascot.

Ten logos were selected by staff members of The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald and WLRN|Miami Herald News to compete in the reader poll for the grand prize: a $100 gift certificate to Duffy’s Sports Grill.

Maak wanted to bring a different vibe to the team with his entry. “This adds new life to the mascot. I added my own flair and color pattern,” he said.

His designs featured both gray and black carbon-fiber pattern helmets and interlocking gloves featuring a bright orange sun.

Securing 20.85 percent of the poll, Maak narrowly edged Zef Gonzalez of Miami, winning by only 58 votes.

Although Maak won overall, Gonzalez was the leading vote-getter in both the United States and in Florida.

Participating voters represented 89 countries, including Afghanistan, Iceland, Malaysia and South Africa.