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Miami Herald users discuss how Haiti is doing one year later

G. Douglas, Davie FL

Amazingly, the private sector is trying to dig itself out sans support by the State. Haitians are suffering enormously but are proving to be extraordinarily resilient. Mentally, those of the population that have been directly influenced by the quake are all showing signs of PTSS and also migraines, vision problems, fatigue and dysentery due to infections and stress. Most of the "Tent People" appear to have developed some real psychosomatic and physical malaises. The long range damage is found in the minds of the victims - horror lives on.

Sarah Klein, North Wales PA

Driving through the streets of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding towns, it is clear that not much progress is being made. We hear about all these relief organizations and the money they have raised, but it's not evident that those resources are being used. People are still living in dirty, over-crowded tent-cities and the streets are still covered in rubble and full of holes. Many people have no homes, no food, no medical care, no means of creating a stable life for themselves of their families It's just so sad.

Michael Laas, Miami FL

there is more exploration by the private sector into opportunities, but funding is an issue. Jobs seem to be a major issue, quality jobs are plentiful but the qualified staff are almost non-existent due to the low educational standards of the country. There is a lot of discussion on the impact the earthquake will have to an entire generation of students and future professionals.... Will we loose an entire generation to the tragedy when they are unable to be educated?