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Privacy Policy for Public Insight Network Participants

Privacy Policy for Public Insight Network ParticipantsPublic Insight Journalism (PIJ) is a way for people to provide journalists with insights — knowledge and experience — into timely issues. The heart of PIJ is the Public Insight Network, a group of people who have agreed to help us cover the news. The Miami Herald Media Company contacts Public Insight Network participants via survey forms, email and other digital media to ask editorially relevant questions about topics related to our reporting.

Information provided to the Miami Herald Media Company: You may join the Public Insight Network via the Miami Herald Media Company or one of the other newsrooms of or partnered with our partnering organization, American Public Media.

When you join, you'll be asked to supply:

• Your name.

• Your email address and any other contact information you’d like us to use to get in touch with you.

• Some personal background information that provides context for your insight. For example, you may be asked to provide your age and educational background.

• Your insight on a topic that is relevant to our reporting.


How the Miami Herald Media Company stores your data: The data you supply is stored in a separate, secure database at American Public Media. It may be accessed by a small circle of journalists from the Miami Herald, el Nuevo Herald and WLRN as part of their reporting. Through our partnership with American Public Media, you may also have opportunities to inform reporting on radio programs such as Marketplace, Marketplace Money, Speaking of Faith, American RadioWorks, Minnesota Public Radio News, and other partnered newsrooms.. It is never combined with information that you provide as a part of other relationships that you may have with the Miami Herald Media Company.

How the Miami Herald Media Company may use your data: The Miami Herald Media Company will not use your name, personal information, or the insights you share for any purpose other than the Public Insight Network. If you agree to let us broadcast, publish or make public a specific insight, then your permission will apply only to that insight. Permission for use of a specific insight is not deemed permission for the public use of any other prior or future insight. Your name and/or personal information will never be traded, sold, or rented to other organizations. You will never be solicited or receive marketing materials from the Miami Herald Media Company or from any other organization as a result of your participation in the Public Insight Network. Your participation in the Insight Network, and the information and insights you share therein, will have no influence or effect on any other interaction you may have with the Miami Herald Media Company, and vice versa.

How other PIJ newsrooms may use your data: The Miami Herald Media Company has relationships with other organizations that use PIJ in their newsrooms. You may sign up for the Insight Network via one of those other organizations, and may "opt in" to provide insights to multiple organizations. If you choose to share insights with more than one PIJ newsroom, your prior insights will be visible to journalists in both organizations for background purposes. If you give us permission to publish your comments, we may edit them before reading them on-air, publishing them in print or posting them to the Miami Herald, el Nuevo Herald, WLRN or American Public Media's websites. We reserve the right to reuse or republish your submission, or to withhold it from publication.

How to learn more about PIJ and the Insight Network: For additional information about PIJ and the Public Insight Network, please see our FAQs.

This "Special Note for Public Insight Network Participants" supplements the other information contained in this "Your Privacy Rights" page. All other portions of "Your Privacy Rights" remain in full force and effect. If a discrepancy arises between the provisions of this Special Note and those found elsewhere on this page, then the provisions of this Special Note will apply.