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Dolphins players explain one thing that has changed about their team and why it has helped

Miami Dolphins receiver Jakeem Grant (19) high-fives with Albert Wilson (15) as Wilson runs into the end zone to score and seal a Sept. 23 win against Oakland. Dolphins players say the chemistry among teammates is better this season.
Before this Dolphins receiver was eluding NFL defenders, he was chasing chickens
Photo Gallery: Dolphins Practice | Friday, October 19, 2018
Hard Bank Stadium: Revenues spike as Dolphins maximize renovated facility
Here’s what the Dolphins are thinking on Wake’s status. And the latest on Tannehill, Parker and others
The quarterback options the Miami Dolphins face in the short- and long-term
The Mind of Brock: How a national punching bag put together the game of his life
The legend of Nick O’Leary is off to a strong start with his hometown Miami Dolphins
Podcast: Need a game-winner? Better Call Sanders, the second-best thing from Albuquerque
Update: The Miami Dolphins passed a significant test of team culture last week

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