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The Americas
After decades in the dark, Havana’s streets are regaining their vintage glow

Postcard from Havana: the Malecón, high water and the Cuban city’s 500th anniversary
Amazon’s massive deforestation would make global climate change even worse. Brazil’s Bolsonaro should abandon this destructive idea.
Pentagon shipping jumbo cell to Guantánamo court for al-Qaida trial from hospital bed
Ex-Guantánamo base commander charged with impeding death inquiry, lying about affair
As Haitians go without fuel, 312,000 barrels sit off the coast awaiting payment
What’s behind Haiti’s gas shortage and power blackout? Try $80 million in unpaid bills
Military officer opposed to Maduro detained on way to Florida. Now he may be deported
Venezuela’s military could turn on Nicolás Maduro, according to officials in exile
Colombia blames ELN guerrillas for car bomb attack, suspends peace talks indefinitely
Car bomb in Colombian capital leaves at least 9 dead; suspect identified

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