Silver Knight

Coordinator Checklist and Tips

• The nominee color photograph to be uploaded online when submitting the application must be a 2 x 3 inch, head-shoulders photo, 300 dpi, jpeg format, no other formats will be accepted. All others will be rejected and student photo will not be placed in ceremony program book. It is recommended for the nominee to submit a senior photo. Speak to your yearbook coordinator. No copyright/proof photos will be accepted.

• Attach a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 pages (front side only) of support documentation.

• Include faculty recommendation letter in application on school letterhead with an original signature.

• Major Project description letter of support on letterhead with an original signature.

• Collect all signatures on the Certification Form: Nominee, Parent/Guardian, Coordinator and Principal.

• Each application must be submitted online and LOCKED by Monday, January 28, 2019 5:00PM by the coordinator prior to in person submission and stamped FINAL.

• General Scholarship nominees must include 5 copies of their official high school transcript and test scores such as SAT, ACT and AP exams. Please make sure each copy is attached to each application original and copy. Envelopes will not be accepted.

• Make (4) copies of the original application that has been locked and submitted on-line. Nominees must submit a minimum of 6 pages of back-up documentation and a maximum of 12 pages. You will be submitting a total of 5 applications – 4 copies and 1 original. It is highly recommended to make an extra copy and keep it on file at your school.

• Delete all students from the website who are NOT OFFICIAL NOMINEES prior to dropping off your applications in person.