Speak Up

Homestead camp demonstration

On Sunday, I headed for a demonstration at the Homestead children’s detention center.

At 2:10 p.m., I arrived at the intersection of Southwest 288 Street and 132nd Avenue only to find that two Miami-Dade police cars were blocking the way and forcing the traffic to turn on Southwest 132nd Avenue.

I did as officers said, but then spent the next 30 minutes trying to find another way to get to the site of the demonstration. There were dozens of other vehicles trying to do the same.

We found nothing but dead-end roads. I realized that the authorities did not want people to participate and I was not going to give up. I came back and parked at a gas station. Then walked a mile in the driving rain to get to the site of the demonstration.

It is a sad day when public officials use law-enforcement personnel to prevent citizens from exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest on public property.

Rey Bonachea,


Palm Island

The Herald needs to write more about how Miami Beach raised the streets 2.7 feet, destroying private property, and now flooding private property because they have not turned on the water pumps.

This project is a calamity of errors.Now the city is telling the residents they don’t have the money to fix the issues. The residents are talking about filing a class action suit against the city.

Patrick Dennis,

Miami Beach

Modern ethos

President Trump’s knee-jerk reaction to the question of whether he would use information discovered by foreign governments about his opponents for the 2020 election (in the affirmative, adding that he wouldn’t necessarily report this to the FBI), calls into question how inured we have become to this president’s lack of even understanding ethical behavior.

He retracted his initial answer on June 14 — reportedly pressured by all fronts.

Why have we become used to this simple lack of ethics rather than expecting the opposite from the “leader” of the free world?

Rabbi Mark Kram,

Palmetto Bay

Remember the Maine

To all those inclined to grind their teeth, blaming Iran, like the man on TV told you to, for the recent oil-tanker sabotage: If you’re too close in political sympathy to the disastrous, inconclusive trillion-dollar boondoggle Iraq wars, please consider a similar event, one from which we all have more distance and would do well to recall: Remember the Maine.

It was the epicenter of a 19th century adventure in Havana harbor, where, I believe the United States blew up our own naval battleship to precipitate our entry into the Spanish-American War.

We have a history of this kind of thing — provocation and self-sabotage to initiate war and stifle political opposition. I’m pretty sure Machiavelli had such a history, too.

Even if you like Dick Cheney you might still hesitate to make 1.8 billion Muslims your confirmed enemies.

Scott Hartley

Fairfield, IA

Huckabee exists

I hear the new applicant for the job of White House Press secretary was disqualified — for telling the truth on her job application.

Harvey Slavin,

Hallandale Beach

No to tolls

On Friday, June 17, you reported that many of the Miami Herald Florida “Influencers” recommend tolls should continue to be collected on roads that have been fully paid.

It is outrageous these “influencers” want to keep taking money away from people even though the expressed purpose of the tolls were fulfilled.

Seems some people like to govern how other peoples' money should be spent.

There should be no tolls on roads that have been fully paid.

That was the expressed purposed of levying those tolls: to build the roads.

Alberto Vega,


Free HIV testing

There’s a stigma around those who get tested for HIV. A stigma that is negative and is believed to be socially unacceptable, however, there are more people affected by it than you would think.

HIV testing is something vital for an individual’s healthcare and isn’t something that should be looked down upon.

With the help of rapid HIV testing, offered at Planned Parenthood, patients can find out the results in as little as 20 minutes.

With just an oral swab or blood from a vein, you are on your way to having a better peace of mind. It’s important to take control of our health and know the results as quickly as possible.

On June 27, Planned Parenthood is offering Free HIV Testing Day.

I believe that’s a great opportunity to take advantage of if you’re worried that you may have the virus. I think it’s time we take back our health.

Crystal Smith,


Climate nonsense

President Trump has it right the we need to worry about our environment, without going overboard with this climate change crap.

Our future will be fine for your kids, but I never hear “the believers” in this so-called climate change disaster speak up against people like Al Gore and former President Obama who are flying in their private jets, SUV-riding and mansion-living while criticizing the rest of us.

If democratic nominees want this so-called “Green Deal,” it will wreck the economy, jack-up the debt by billions and trillions.

Chris Dennis,


Muslims for Vets

As we near the Fourth of July, it is always worth expressing gratitude to those that defend our freedom.

As a Muslim American and son of immigrants, I know the freedoms we have here are hard-fought.

In this spirit, on June 15, members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association participated in Muslims for Veterans, a national effort to fundraiser, visit the graves of our fallen heroes, and help out at local Veterans Affairs hospitals.

I would encourage all of this summer to take a look and see if we can do more for our veterans.

Umar Ahmad,


Who Did It?

Per the two oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday: As we can see from the television shots, the mines were placed high on the two oil tankers that were damaged last week.

The only way that could have happened is if they were placed there by another vessel, which would have been seen on the ships’ radar, or before leaving port. The question is: Who had access to these ships before they left the harbor?

John B. McCaughan,

Miami Shores