Speak Up

Priced out of paradise

I thank the Miami Herald for the June 9 investigation, “Priced out of paradise:” It’s a very important subject, but more attention should be paid to solutions.

This year, the Florida House is advocating passage of HB7103, which has severe consequences on a city’s ability to produce affordable housing.

Further, the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund has once again been raided, and while I have no objection to a large bundle being directed to the Florida Panhandle for disaster relief from 2018’s Hurricane Michael, the federal government only recently approved disaster relief.

Had the intent of the act been followed, the City of Hollywood would be receiving $1.7 million. Instead, we will receive $202,000 to address housing needs.

It takes more than will to address housing for low and moderate income families.

Richard Blattner,


Commissioner Russell

Miami Commissioner Ken Russell just sold out the trust Miami residents placed in him to be a good steward of the city’s resources and to follow the laws that protect our agencies from corruption and abuse.

Commissioner Russell’s errant decision to hand over $28 million in Omni Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) funds to Joe Carollo and the Bayfront Park Trust — which should have built 190 affordable housing units or incentivize a thousand units — is a disaster.

Even worse, he cut the dirty deal just to waste that money in order to expand the Omni CRA into the West Grove, a neighborhood that is not a slum and is not blighted, but has a thriving ethnic community struggling with the same forces of increasing rents, over-development, and absentee ownership that Russell’s whole district faces.

CRAs can only spend money to cure slum and blight or on affordable housing. But Commissioner Russell’s staff explained to me in detail that his goal is to subsidize slumlords by fixing ailing rental units.

If that all wasn’t bad enough, he also agreed to support a land-fill project on the waterfront, of the kind the city declined when Beckham asked for it during an earlier failed stadium deal, because it’s an environmental disaster to do so.

In 2016, a grand jury found that same CRA was illegally spending its funds.

No need to investigate again. Commissioner Russell is illegally spending this money in plain sight.

Grant Stern, Miami

Trump’s signal

The president just sent out invitations to foreign governments to let them know he’s ready for business as previously discussed.

If his comments are really a national security concern, then when will Congress step up and stop him and his very dangerous offers?

Come on, elected members in Washington, D.C., remember you are working for the people of this — at least for now — still beautiful United States of America, land that I love.

Andre Banert, Miami

Respect the Trump

Enough with these entertainers. Did they forget that their job is to entertain us, not to give us their political views?

Did they forget how lucky they are they don’t have to work for a living?

They read some lines that someone else wrote or sing a song, they get paid a lot of money, and then they get an award.

Then what do they do? They speak badly about the President of the United States.

They don’t say how to fix the problems. No one wrote that for them. They just know how to complain.

There are many people who ran for president that I did not like, but no matter who wins, I show them the respect that office holds.

Ray Carr,

Indialantic, FL

Steele dossier

It is interesting reading comments that Trump is the lowest for saying he would listen to foreign dirt on an opponent.

Do these people realize that the Steele dossier, as inaccurate as it was, was a foreign document?

It was written by a former British intelligence officer and apparently bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Amazing how facts are conveniently overlooked at times.

Chris Bimonte,

West Kendall

A clean cruise

Now that a large cruise ship company has admitted its guilt of polluting the seas, two compelling questions arise: Will the cruise ship businesses consider it cheaper to pay fines rather than install equipment that would desalinate and purify the ocean water, thereby eliminating the need to tote thousands of plastic bottles for the convenience of their passengers?

When will these modern ships install inboard treatment plants to process the daily human waste and solid trash, rather than dump it all in the ocean?

Providing dangerous sea-going mini-water parks, zip lines, and roller coasters should not be the priority.

Lawrence Krasne,

North Miami Beach

Speech pathology

Now that we know Trump can read a speech written for him, I take extreme issue with the content of his D-Day speech in light of his actions over the past two and a half years that run directly in opposition to those flowery words!

Trump has done everything he can to badmouth and weaken NATO and the European Union, and he also supports Brexit and the right-wing liars who lied to the British people about what they were getting with Brexit. These actions run in complete opposition to his speech.

Trump used the graves of real American heroes who gave their lives to fight the Nazi threat in Europe as a backdrop to demean American political leaders while abroad.

Wake up and turn off the Fox propaganda channel.

Harvey Slavin,

Hallandale Beach

A bad swap

In saying that he would take dirt on a 2020 opponent should Russia or any other foreign government offer it, President Donald Trump is not only giving the green light to foreign government interference, he is flagrantly giving the finger to existing campaign laws and political advisers, which state otherwise.

It’s no wonder Trump is quick to embrace dictators and aligns with authoritarian regimes.

Trump’s use of smarmy tactics are his way of receiving political favors in return.

When it comes to the friendly exchange of quid pro quo, Trump is the master.

JoAnn Lee Frank,


Two-sided view

Re the June 14 letter, “Respect:” Nancy Pelosi (when asked a political question) said she would not get into that conversation while outside of the United States.

I found that interesting, as while President Trump was overseas, Pelosi (in front of cameras and in America) had no problem calling for the President of the United States to be imprisoned.

Respect works both ways.

Linda Workman,

Miami Beach