Speak Up

Thank you, Sarah Huckabee

I want to thank White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her service to the Trump administration and our nation.

She’s a patriot who worked tirelessly every day to deliver on President Trump’s America First Agenda.

I wish Sarah, Bryan and her children all the best in their future endeavors.

Paul Bacon,

Hallandale Beach

Political dirt

President Trump says he would continue to accept dirt on political rivals from anybody.

No qualms about accepting foreign help. Might or might not inform the FBI. Unabashed.

Say what?

This is a stunning, stunning development, arguably traitor-ish!

Trump is no longer just a political neophyte, or a businessman; not a politician.

No, he is the President of the United States, who has been afforded top security clearance.

The bar for him should be infinitely higher in accepting — even entertaining — any type of opposition-research or information in his re-election campaign.

These are not alternative facts nor a scary bad dream. Trump has the ability to destroy civilization as we know it with the flick of a switch (or button).

He is dangerous, he is vindictive, he puts himself ahead of anybody or anything, even the safety and security of our country.

Words and actions have consequences.

Time’s up. He has got to go.

C. M. Van Ginkel,


Stewart’s outrage

Ex-late night host Jon Stewart’s impassioned statement before the U.S. Senate committee on funding for 911 First Responders was inspiring and depressing.

His righteous indignation was spot on. But we have seen this type of dynamic before: Patriotic rhetoric insincerely passed around by senators like cheap wine after a national incident.

Later they become drunk on their self-importance and hold up funding when follow through is necessary.

Their behavior regarding this issue is sloppy and ugly. Kudos to Stewart for putting them in their place.

Sid Kaskey,

South Miami

Slow to speak

Why hasn’t any Democrat, especially any running for president in 2020, called Donald Trump a traitor to this country?

That should be the mantra of the Democratic Party at this point.

We should be hearing that word in every interview in which a Democrat participates and is asked to comment about Trump.

Trump, by his own statements, has shown this to be so.

The Democrats are, yet again, cowering from doing what the Republicans do so well, which is taking every opportunity to drive home a unified negative characterization about a Democratic opponent.

Trump needs to hear the phrase, “Traitor Trump” or “Trump the Traitor” every time he hears the news.

What are the Democrats afraid of?

Stan Hyman,

Bay Harbor Island

Shut down action

People of faith and goodwill in our state and our nation are outraged by the detainment of children at the Homestead Children’s Detention Center. It is obvious that our government has sold out the welfare of these children in a no-bid contract to Caliburn Corporation.

This company receives $775 per day, per child.

They claim, however, there are no funds for the educational, recreational or legal needs of the children in their care.

On June 16, Father’s Day, there will be an interfaith vigil and rally at the Homestead facility.

The goal is to completely shut down this detention center within the next 20 days, and transfer the children to other more humane, nonprofit facilities where their basic needs can be addressed

We must show our government that Americans will not stand for this cruelty toward strangers and those in need.

Buses will depart from Temples Beth Am and Beth Sholom at 1 p.m.

A seat on the bus must be reserved by contacting migrantjustice.afsc.org


Please ride the bus to Homestead to join the demonstration.

We will not allow the continued abuse of the children in our care; they deserve our compassion and support.

Reverend Willie Allen-Faiella,


Rabbi Tom Heyn,


MCCJ Interfaith Clergy Dialogue,


Head in the clouds

Once again, the president has flunked a pass/fail IQ test with his comment about accepting foreign help in an election. Again!

We are in trouble until Trump is out of office. He can’t get out of his own way.

His mouth is as dangerous as a nuclear weapon. Wake up America!

Philip Paul,


Let’s act decently

The Democratic Party should coach Vice President Biden not to drop to Trump’s level.

He should stand his ground and not be dragged into the gutter. Trump likes to denigrate and offend people.

If Biden uses Trump’s techniques, it will do him no favors.

Attack Trump’s policies, their effects, and his questionable actions.

I am sure many citizens feel the same way.

The vice president’s decency is a great asset.

Francisco Prieto,


Ballot initiative

The idea that the government of Florida would shut out citizens from proposing the changes voters want for the governance of our state is mind-boggling.

The mechanism of silencing the public is making the process of collecting signatures to show support of an idea the equivalent of an obstacle course over a path of burning coals.

Anyone attempting it will be punished with a great deal of pain.

Voters of Florida, these elected officials work for you but have decided they control you.

Tell the governor you will not shut up. Then tell your state senator and your state representative.

Remind them who is boss.

Mary Zins,



Should we respect President Donald Trump when he has no respect for our country or other people?

He did more politicking when he was honoring D-Day (not Donald Trump Day) while in a foreign country, airing our or his dirty laundry.

Is this respect?

To get respect you have to be respected.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked a political question, she said she would not get into that conversation outside the United States.

Samuel Richter,

North Miami Beach