Speak Up


Sorry, but to paraphrase the May 20 headline on page 1A, a green light does not mean go for safe and defensive drivers in Miami, because so many irresponsible drivers speed to beat the red light and end up running through it.

If I am in first in line and get the green, you are going to have to wait for me to carefully look both ways before I enter the intersection to make sure my family and I are not going to be T-boned by one of Miami’s careless drivers trying to beat the red. This is what I learned in drivers ed at Miami Senior High in the 1960s, and (knock on wood) I have not been in one single accident since then.

Kenneth H. Thomas,


Surplus candidates

Comedian Jay Leno quipped, “If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates.” Now, with a record-setting 24 candidates for the Democratic primary, God must really want us to vote.

Philip K. Stoddard,


South Miami

Do not enter

By President Trump’s criteria for people seeking to immigrate to the United States, he would be denied entry.

First, Trump has no professional or vocational skills. Second, he fractures the English language. Third, he is so ignorant of American social and political history (including the U.S. Constitution) that he couldn’t pass a ninth-grade civics test.

Sanford J. Smoller,

South Miami

There’s no ‘choice’

I have a problem with the words we’re using to frame the abortion issue. I consider myself pro-life — the mother’s life.

I am not pro-abortion.

I am not pro-choice. I think the word “choice” trivializes the agonizing decision a woman makes if she has an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s the man’s choice whether or not to wear a condom. It’s the man’s choice to have sex with his daughter. It’s the man’s choice to force himself on a woman. It’s the woman’s decision how she will handle this unwanted pregnancy.

A man can’t put himself in the position of a teenage girl or woman who is pregnant and is ill-equipped to raise the child. They don’t know what it’s like to carry a deformed child or to face having another mouth to feed when she can’t feed the ones she already has. They can’t imagine being raped, much less carrying a rapist’s child.

Pregnancy is a very personal condition, and we have to respect how each woman handles her unexpected circumstance.

Elaine DeLeonardis,


Adoption, baby!

Coming from one who knows: Consider adoption instead of abortion. It’s a win-win situation!

Mary S. Lamont,


A generous man

Talk about leading by example! Billionaire Robert F. Smith told almost 400 graduating seniors at Morehouse College, an all-male, historically black college in Atlanta, Ga. that he would pay off their students loans.

I can only hope that these fortunate young men never forget this event and what it meant to them. Before I read the article in the Herald, I did not who Smith is or what he did for a living. Now I do, and I salute him.

Phillip Murray Jr.,


Human rights

I know the moral standing expressed in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence is more an aspirational stance.

Yet, these words inspired my husband and me to leave Romania and come to the land where one could dream big.

At the time we left Ceausescu’s dictatorship, Romania had the strictest anti-abortion legislation in that part of Europe.

Although not cloaked in the “sanctity of life” mantra, it criminalized abortion seekers and providers with harsh prison terms unless the women seeking it already had four children or were at least 40 years old.

My reproductive years are behind me now. Nevertheless, the recent Republican attacks on women’s basic human rights represent a call for action for me, too.

Clara Vertes,


Harming democracy

Re the May 21 letter “Migrant relocation:” The writer said that he has voted for candidates of both parties, but his closing sentence, in which he says he may not vote for president in 2020, is troubling, coming from a self-proclaimed Democrat.

All American citizens, regardless of registered party, have a moral duty to vote in every election, because that is what makes and keeps us a democracy. When we do not vote, we jeopardize our freedoms.

I am weary with those who say they will protest by not voting. They are forgetting the sacrifices of men and women in the U.S. armed services who have given their lives so that we have choices and can vote. They are also disrespecting the people around the world who suffer in countries where free and democratic elections are prohibited. Instead of just celebrating our country and thanking our veterans on Memorial Day and July Fourth, why not honor their sacrifices by pledging to always vote?

Do your homework, vote for the best candidate, whether it’s a crowded local, state or national race, and then hold them accountable. Vote them out or reelect them depending on how they represent you. To do otherwise is unpatriotic and results in elected officials — and yes, presidents — who do harm to our environment, our health, our civil rights and our survival as a healthy democracy.

Martha Singleton, Miami


The new abortion laws should include the provision that those who protest or vote against abortion should be required to adopt and care for the unwanted children who were born.

Steven Morris,


Cover up

Unless it’s a matter of national security, the U.S. government is supposed to be open to its citizens. It is clear that President Trump does not understand this principle when he forbids his associates to testify before Congress. It is a further indication there is an attempt to cover up dishonest, shameful and, perhaps, impeachable activities.

Randy Grant,

Fort Lauderdale

Late to the game

Sorry that I can’t join in on congratulating the Florida Legislature for passing the bill that made texting while driving illegal.

It is an embarrassment that we are one of the last states to accomplish this simple task. “Congratulations and job well done” would have been in order if we had been one of the first 10 states to pass such a bill.

Instead, Florida only gets a “What took so long?” and a “It’s about time.” As with the mandatory seat belt law, we can now begin to save hundreds of lives, prevent thousands of injuries and save millions of dollars in healthcare costs and insurance claims.

Jill Courtemanche,