Speak Up

RIP Todd Tongen

The picture of WPLG-Local 10 anchor Neki Mohan in a turkey suit in the June 9 Miami Herald is uplifting.

She gave tribute to her beloved co-anchor, Todd Tongen, who died tragically by suicide at 56. Through her sorrow, Mohan honored Tongen’s charm, wit, and humor at his memorial service.

For the family, friends, and colleagues who attended the memorial, Mohan’s turkey suit must have lifted them, too.

Connie Goodman-Milone,


Ros-Lehtinen’s pride

I am deeply heartened by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s passionate support of gay rights.

Her son’s transgender identification while Ros-Lehtinen served in Congress made the congresswoman reassess her previous anti-LGBTQ stance.

She deserves much praise for her present leadership of the Conservatives Against Discrimination project.

But I am troubled by any politician’s refusal to extend human rights to all constituents until it becomes a family matter.

Thank goodness Ros-Lehtinen’s son had good health.

I wonder, however, if we’d now have Medicare for all if he had taken ill.

Steve Kronen,


Miami’s economy

The two June 10 Business Monday stories, “South Florida workers are among the poorest-paid,” and “Miami-Dade is one of the most expensive areas in the nation for renters,” were spot on!

My company tracks business intelligence data for clients and we find these reports very accurate and opposite what the Beacon Council, Miami Downtown Development Authority, and the Greater Miami Chamber publish.

The legislature must increase the minimum wage. Our talent pool for the region is missing. The biggest priority should be toward workforce and affordable housing in order to meet the demanding needs for our community.

These articles contain the essence that is often missing in those announcements cheering glowing information that many do not believe. It is incumbent upon our community leaders to listen to business leaders who are in the trenches and see for ourselves what is missing.

Perhaps this information will be openly discussed as fact rather than reading press release fiction.

Burdened renters do feel the pain. Thank you, Miami Herald, for these two outstanding articles. This confirms our assertions.

Jim Angleton,

Bay Harbor Island

Soak up the sun

As business and health care leaders, we understand and underscore the importance of sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer. Every hour in the United States, someone dies from melanoma.

In Florida, we work, live and play outdoors.

We are all at risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

The science on the importance of sunscreen is clear, and we applaud U.S. Senators Isakson, Alexander and Burr for sharing their concern that the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed rule is creating consumer confusion on the safety of sunscreens we’ve used for decades.

Floridians deserve, and truly need, the best filters available.

Sunscreen is safe, effective and part of a critical regimen for those of us living and visiting the sunshine state.

Julio Fuentes,

President, CEO,

Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,


Mirror image

In a letter addressed to Attorney General William Barr and shared by the senator’s office with el Nuevo Herald, Marco Rubio argued that Maduro surrounds himself with “self-serving criminal loyalists, often with the aid of governments of Russia, China, and others, to engage in criminal enterprises that beget money and power to themselves and to Maduro,” Rubio said.

He added that Maduro threatens our common interests and people well beyond the borders of Venezuela, including our allies, and is a threat to democracy, regional stability, and our own national security.

Bravo, “Little Marco,” for being halfway right. Now, look into the mirror and edit your letter by changing the name from Maduro to Trump.

John Isaacs,

West Kendall

Light workload

Re the June 9 story, “Subpoenas targeting Gillum and Abrams campaigns are ‘no coincidence,’ top adviser says:” I, too, am suspicious of these two ongoing FBI investigations.

The pervasive, nationwide corruption of politicians now holding federal offices should so overwhelm FBI offices that they have little to no time left for former gubernatorial candidates.

Rosa Osborne,

Pembroke Pines

Sweetest tribute

Oh my, Maida Heatter is no longer with us! I shall always remember Maida for the impact she made on Bay Harbor Islands, where she baked for her husband Ralph Daniels’ Inside Restaurant.

We would check to see if there were raspberry-strawberry Bavarians available for dessert, even before ordering lunch!

I baked her chocolate mousse torte by heart, even before we knew we shouldn’t be eating mousse made with uncooked eggs!

Maida was a marvel, inventive and creative with ingredients, as well as implements.

When I panicked that my first attempt at her Bull’s Eye cheesecake came out looking differently than hers, she took my call and walked me through some useful tips.

When photographer Bill Reinke and I went to her Normandy Isle home to do a story for The Miami News, she charmed us and fed us brownies...and packed extras for the road. And, when her second cookie book came out, she allowed me the honor of a personal visit. I got another autographed book and she got a few gift bags of gourmet Biscotti.

As always with Maida, I was the winner!

Norma A. Orovitz,

Bay Harbor Islands

Find the money

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart and other politicians say there’s no money for educating the estimated 3,000 immigrant children at the Homestead prison.

How can there be no money for children when the government can provide tax cuts for corporations? How can there be no money for children when representatives in Congress make $174,000 a year and also get health care?

A better question is: Why does our government continue to put immigrant children and their families in prisons?

Glenn Hutchinson,

North Miami

Biden flips

When you’re running for office sometimes you have to change gears. Looks like Joe Biden has found out you can run, but you can’t Hyde.

Barry Levy, Miami

Go away, Marlins

I submit that the Miami Marlins should play the rest of the season away from Miami.

They played an amazing series of away games and then they come home only to get swept.

Familiarity breeds contempt?

Alex Jimenez,