Speak Up

Shut it down

Many thanks to reporter Monique Madan and the Miami Herald for the stories on the for-profit Homestead migrant detention center.

The center, in our own backyard, is one of the most horrifying examples of the Draconian policies of this administration. There is absolutely no justification for separating these children from their families. How can anyone with children — or any empathy at all — fail to understand the pain and future ramifications of this practice?

Beyond the human cost, what about the financial cost? Shouldn’t every taxpayer be concerned about the $750 per child each day charged by Caliburn, the company awarded the no-bid contract?

Shouldn’t we question the role John Kelly — the former head of Health and Human Services and President Trump’s former chief of staff — might have played in this scenario, as he now sits on the board of advisers to Caliburn? Let’s call this scheme for what it is: Unethical and immoral.

Pat McCormack,


Special relationship

The June 2 articles about the feelings of love and gratitude felt by elderly British people, who were young when America came to Britain’s rescue, brought tears to my eyes.

Britain stood alone, when fascism and Hitler had gobbled up all of Western Europe, and Britain was next.

That was when America came to the rescue. Together with allies from brave British colonies such as Canada and Australia, now all independent, the Americans and the British beat back the monster threat. Free Western Europe is the result. Britain could not have done it without America.

I happen to be English by origin, and American by naturalization.

I hope that our half-Scottish president will re-cement the special relationship when he is in Britain, dining with Queen Elizabeth this week.

Hilary Langen,

Miami Beach

Detention center

The treatment of the migrant children in the Homestead detention center is a national disgrace. If for no other reason (and yes, there are many), we need to remove this administration and elect a president with some decency, some kindness; a president who won’t separate families and won’t incarcerate children.

Mike Perry,

Miami Beach

Migrant children

My congratulations to Miami Herald reporter Monique Madan on her excellent, though sad reporting on the children at the Homestead Detention Center.

It is hard to understand this is happening in our country, but we have to realize that our true values are neglected every day for political gain.

The detention center has 2,350 children in hard conditions, and the hardest is the separation of their families.

What will happen if a hurricane hits South Florida with these children in this facility? We will hear our politicians say a lot “our thoughts and prayers” but that will not solve the problems, or maybe the president is planning to throw toys at them instead of paper towels as he did in Puerto Rico?

I hope we remember this when it is time to vote. It is the only interest our politicians have: Our vote.

Shame on Gov. Rick DeSantis, shame on Sen. Marco Rubio, shame on Sen. Rick Scott, who seem human when criticizing the situation in Venezuela, but totally indifferent to the actions of their boss in Washington, D.C. who has the empathy and compassion of Maduro and Putin put together.

I am too old to offer personal help, but I am willing to do so within my means. All Floridians should stand up to this barbaric treatment of children.

Julio Vitale,


Sexual harassment

Re the May 24 story, “Ex-UM grad student accuses biz school tenured professor of sexual harassment in lawsuit:” Ana Kono is a graduate of Columbia University with an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. These are two of our most respected institutions of top academic challenge.

It rather shoots down the University of Miami lawyer’s pathetic argument that Kono “was dismissed because, unfortunately, she proved to be a poor academic.”

Anne Howe, Miami

Spelling Bee winners

Look at those eight wonderful National Spelling Bee winners last week. All shades of color, names representative of various countries of origin and cultures. Living proof that when we open our doors and hearts, we help make our country so special.

This is what America the Beautiful is really about.

Allan J. Pekor, Miami Beach

Think, then speak

How can the President of the United States tell its citizens to “stop using or subscribing to AT&T?” When did our grandiose, all-powerful president become a financial adviser?

I would think there are rules and laws, which he completely ignores anyway, that prohibit such statements.

Bruce Hartman,


Irony of pleas

It seems ironic that charities implore the judge hearing the Carnival Cruise Line probation violation case to bear in mind the good Carnival does locally by supporting them financially: “In its letter addressed to Seitz, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami said its programs would suffer ‘devastating effects’ if Carnival ships were not able to dock at PortMiami.”

Wouldn’t it be even better to implore Carnival to not pollute, and not violate its probation for engaging in past indiscretions that got it into trouble in the first place?

If Carnival did give a hoot and not pollute, the possibility of losing financial support wouldn’t be a source of anxiety by Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami and all other beneficiaries of Carnival’s philanthropic largess.

Frank Baron,

Coconut Grove

Presidential gifts

On a recent vacation to the Keys, my wife and I visited the Truman White House. One area of the small gift shop was set aside for Trump memorabilia. Who authorized this?

Fox News would have been all over this if Obama had his memorabilia for sale when he was president.

Lance Hillsinger,

San Luis Obispo, CA


Trump is kicking off his re-election bid on June 18 with a huge rally in the heart of Florida’s geographic arena of the make-believe. It will be yet another piece of groundwork in his quest for four more years of his bizarre bazaar.

It would be befitting to initiate the rally with a “thought-provoking” introduction from one of Disney’s most honored and distinguished characters…..Goofy.

Charles E. Hannemann,

Palmetto Bay