Speak Up

GOP priorities

The Muller report and all else aside, a pathological liar in the White House puts America’s survival at risk. Republicans have met their goal of stacking the courts and undoing most things Obama. It is now time for the GOP to reverse priorities and place America at the top, ahead of “me” and party.

Michael C. Bone,

Pembroke Pines

Trump’s rants

Will William Barr come to Robert Mueller’s defense? A man who has served his country in Vietnam as a former marine, earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart, former FBI chief, defender of the Constitution — or will he be silent and let President Trump trash his so-called friend’s reputation? Will William Barr even have one iota of self-respect left to at least stand up for the truth?

Will Lindsey Graham stand up to the president now after hearing that the USS John McCain, a ship named for two patriotic Americans — one who was a prisoner of war and one of his so-called “three amigos” — had to be “out of sight” so as not to offend this president’s ego?

Will any more Republican Senators have the courage to put country before party? Will the American people wake up and see what is happening to our Constitution, our democracy? Or will hatred and divisiveness continue to rule? Will we be governed by an autocrat? Would we allow this had the autocrat been a Democrat?

Stand up! Stand up for truth! Stand up for the rule of law! Stand up for us!

Rosa Maria Hanchett,

Coral Gables

Destructive path

Many people write to the Herald complaining that various laws are already on the books but are simply not being enforced, especially concerning gun ownership and traffic offenses. The problem, always, is that unless we move into a fascist state with armed cops on every street corner, we can never catch every infraction of the law.

But no one could have foreseen the case of Miriam Coulibaly, the young woman who killed three teenagers waiting at a bus stop.

She had 35 infractions in the past 10 years. And, according to her bankruptcy filing, was $325,000 in debt. The May 29 Herald story, “Stripper suspected of killing 3 teens in crash had history of bad driving,”details some of her infractions.

But what is so horrific is not her consistent, determined and well-documented behavior; it is the way the system allowed her to get away with it. The cops did their job. But somehow, the courts each time dropped the case and allowed her to continue on her dangerously reckless way. Perhaps the Herald’s most excellent team of investigative reporters might focus on why traffic courts appear to ignore their statutory duties.

Somebody might well ask: “What will it take to stop this person from her destructive path? How many people will she have to kill?” Maybe it is only the senseless deaths of three promising young men that will finally make the justice system take somebody with 35 infractions seriously.

Patrick Alexander,

Coral Gables

Waiting for 2020

The cries for impeachment of the president is growing. The waste of time of this is that the Senate will not convict Trump. To defeat Trump and his Republican accomplices is to concentrate on the 2020 election. Let the state of New York try and convict him after he is out of the Oval Office.

Ike Semaya,


Wrecking ourselves

The Trump administration’s assault on the impending climate catastrophe is not only cynical, but an embarrassment to our leadership posture to the world. The overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrates the imminent danger that humanity faces with the warming of the atmosphere and the detrimental effects to all of earth’s species.

Apparently, climate change deniers don’t care about their own children and grandchildren. The survival of our world seems only to affect the families of Democrats, left wing socialists and feminists, including all vegetarians and vegans. Greed, corruption and denial go hand in hand. This administration and their Republican enablers actually know the climate crisis is real but they choose otherwise. Why?

My wife recently introduced me to a book, “Great Tide Rising,” whereby the author chronicles the warnings on cigarette packs and suggests the same warnings on gas pumps.

Burning fuels can harm your children, cause fatal lung disease and cancer, causes habitat destruction, kills plants and animals, and harms even those who can’t afford them. Why do we vote against the survival of our families and ourselves? Why?

Reinaldo B. Winer,


NFL’s shame

Per the Miami Herald’s sports pages, football player Richie Incognito was just signed by the Oakland Raiders. Incognito has a troubled past, multiple suspensions, a ban for bullying, making racist slurs at an opponent, and multiple run-ins with police.

Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick has not been hired by any team for his brave act of kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality against people of color.

Shame on the NFL, team owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell for their blatant racist policy of blocking the hiring of a fantastic quarterback.

Monica Harvey,

Miami Shores

Trip to Israel

I read with interest Fabiola Santiago’s May 26 article, “Trip to Israel by Florida governor and Cabinet weakens once-proud open government:” How many true friends do Americans have in the Middle East? How many democratic countries that share our values and goals are there in this region? The answers: Damn few.

So, Florida sends (granted, on our dime) “top tier and powerful people” to visit our ally Israel, and Santiago gets upset “open government” will crumble. The fact is the governor will sign an Antisemitism bill, overwhelmingly passed by the Florida legislature, in Israel. Where else is it more appropriate?

Also, it is rare that the governor, cabinet, lobbyists, law makers, business executives, religious leaders and academics are all in the same place, at the same time.

Maybe, just may be, there will be more positive outcomes resulting from this “junket” that will benefit all of us: Floridians, Americans and Israelis.

Fred Abramoff,

West Kendall

Keep it simple

Simply put, Congress hires unemployed Robert Mueller to lead a congressional investigation and likely impeachment of President Trump. Details to be worked out by Mueller, Pelosi and whichever committee heads feel is appropriate.

Mueller crafts and executes the necessary public hearings to convince the public and resulting Republican congressmen and senators. Let Mueller run the show, in a fast, streamlined, convincing manner.

Scott F. Rosenberg,