Speak Up

Teens’ tragedy

Re the May 26 story “3 teens killed by car waiting for bus to soccer match:” It’s hard to contain my outrage. The woman who supposedly blacked out and killed three young men and injured others warned us many times.

These young people, who could have had wonderful lives, families and contributed to society, are gone because of this habitually irresponsible driver.

Why didn’t somebody intervene, sufficiently punish or sufficiently monitor her? If her long list of violations didn’t result in action, there is no doubt there was a litany of other times she got away with careless driving that friends and family knew about and let slide.

The slogan “see something, say something” fits perfectly here, but we all failed these three young men.

Stan Smith,

Miami Beach

Mueller’s statement

Takeaways from former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s May 29 public statement: 1. He did not find that President Trump had not committed a crime because there was evidence that he had; 2. He did not accuse Trump of obstruction because of Department of Justice policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted and because accusing someone of a crime without giving them a chance to defend themselves in court would be unfair. 3. Because of 1 and 2, Mueller could not accuse Trump of a crime, but he did not clear him of criminal obstruction; 4. The impeachment process is the only constitutional way to hold a president accountable; 5. The president is not above the law, therefore; 6. If Congress does not impeach the president, he will not be held accountable for his apparent crimes and he will, in fact, be above the law solely because he controls the votes for the Republican majority in the Senate.

So it follows thatt the president must be impeached to protect our democracy, which is based on separation of powers, with the Congress checking the power of the president. An unrestrained leader is a dictator.

Steven Meyerson,

Boca Raton

A rigged search?

On May 28, Miami Dade College (MDC) faculty members received an email: “Warning” it said, our presidential search process is in danger of being tainted. Apparently, trustees proposed removing essential search criteria, like having a Ph.D. and higher education experience, from the job requirements, opening up the MDC presidency to literally anyone.

Appointing someone outside of academia poses an imminent threat to what scholar Robert Birnbaum, in his 1966 groundbreaking work, “How Colleges Work,” describes as a “loosely coupled system.” A collegial system, according to Birnbaurm, is a complex web of interdependent entities with an emphasis on “consensus, shared power, common commitments and aspirations, and leadership that emphasizes consultation and collective responsibility.”

This maneuver is anything but collegial.

During Eduardo Padrón’s tenure, MDC flourished because the faculty and administration enjoyed a collegial partnership based on mutual respect, negotiation and shared values unique to academics in higher education.

To choose a college president with no Ph.D. and no higher education experience is an attack on our system of checks and balances and threatens the “people’s college.”

I urge the Board of Trustees to respect the current process and the public trust.

Kristen Rosen Gonzalez,

Miami Dade College faculty member,

Miami Beach

Going in circles

I just returned from a magical trip to Italy where I rented a car and drove from city to city and also within them. There were many cars and motorcycles on the Italian roads, and yet I rarely saw long lines of congestion at intersections as we do here in America.

In Italy, as in most of Europe, the concept of the roundabout keeps traffic flowing through intersections constantly without interruptions at traffic lights. This concept works flawlessly and there seem to be fewer accidents. Roundabouts also act as a traffic-calming device, as drivers are forced to slow down when approaching them.

This is a concept that we should adopt in order to prevent horrific light-running accidents at intersections and, at the same time, save fuel, time and patience. Our elected officials should seriously consider the European model and adopt it. We would be much safer, saner and more efficient for it.

Herman Irizarry,

West Kendall

One or another

Pregnancy and our judiciary system: Let’s compare them.

The same way one can’t say that a woman is half pregnant, one can’t say that a person is half guilty. One either is pregnant, or not. One either is guilty, or not.

That clearly means that President Trump is not guilty of collusion or guilty of obstruction.

Jay J. Kaba, Miami

Job is irrelevant

I am concerned abou the headline of the May 28 article “Stripper charged with killing 3 teens in DUI crash had history of wrecks, bad driving:” The job of the woman accused is not relevant to the tragic death of three teenagers and does nothing but perpetuate negative stereotypes about women in the sex industry, especially women of color.

I hope that the Miami Herald will reconsider headlines like this in the future.

Kristin Gallagher,

Miami Beach

A matter of time

Polls have shown that most Americans do not want President Trump impeached. This depends on how the question is asked.

I left the Republican Party the day after Trump clinched the presidential nomination, so I’m clearly not one of his fans. But if I were asked today, “Should President Trump be impeached?” I’d have to answer No, because I’ve seen nothing that would justify my saying Yes.

If I were asked, “Do you think evidence is going to be unearthed that will justify impeachment?” I would be able to answer positively. Trump’s actions in directing current and former government employees to ignore Congressional subpoenas may be the tipping point. I’m not an attorney, but that seems like obstruction of justice.

Arnold Slotkin, Hollywood

Power of attorney

Let’s get back at the Russians the good old American way: Let’s sue the individuals involved in the interference of our election process.

Armando M. Martinez,


You first, Lindsey

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who, at the sound of the word “president” salivates like Pavlov’s dogs, wants us to invade Venezuela. He should be in the first landing craft to hit the beach. That act should be worth a half-million votes when he runs for the Republican nomination to replace Trump.

Seth Lefkow, Aventura