Speak Up


Re the May 9 online story “Trump to Panhandle crowd: ‘How do we stop these people?’ Shocking reply: ‘Shoot them:’ ” Nothing President Trump says or does is shocking anymore, but his recent agreement to a response from someone in the audience, when referring to migrants, is offensive and dangerous.

When the president of one of the most powerful (and supposedly civilized) nations in the world responds as he did, it sends a message that violence is OK. No wonder we are seeing shootings in our schools. Where is Republicans’ outrage?

Teresa Fernández Burke,

South Miami

Mass transit a joke

Re the May 9 story “Dadeland cracks county’s top 5 in rental-cost increase:” I found Neisen Kasdin’s quote, “The Kendall Downtown Master Plan has leveraged the great access to mass transit,” laughable.

Yes, the Metrorail stations at Dadeland South and Dadeland North are adjacent to the overpriced condos, but try to squeeze into one of the undersized trains during the rush hours. And once on board, suffer in the overcrowded, overheated, unreliable Metrorail cars. Developers need to realize that the Dadeland stations are the last, or first on the line, so commuters come from areas south of Kendall Drive to take on the challenge of getting on a train each day.

Adding more than 20,000 residents in the area (and more to come) with the benefit of not needing a car because of the perceived “great access” will only exasperate the already overcrowded conditions of the beleaguered operation.

Miami-Dade County’s mass-transit agency is ill equipped to handle the booming population in the Dadeland area, but developers and urban planners seem to think it is a great idea to build high-rise condos in an area that could not handle the commuter demand even before the condos were built.

Yes, there is great access to mass transit at Dadeland — just make sure to get in line by 5 a.m. and don’t think about coming home to your Dadeland condo until after 6 p.m.

James Cox,


Great economy?

It’s frustrating to see the media scratch their heads while echoing the administration’s meme about the “great economy.” Perhaps pundits should embed themselves in communities across the nation instead of reading wire-service reports.

Supply-side structures have kept wages stagnant at full employment, as jobs flow to where products can be manufactured most cheaply. Consequently, nearly all of the vaunted gross domestic product gains have gone to the very top. Unemployment has fallen to record levels, as more people enter low-paying service jobs and the sharing economy.

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, which mainly served to make the rich and corporations more flush, incurred deficits that middle income groups are expected to pay for through Social Security, Medicare, and other benefit cuts. Ask U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Deregulation has made things worse: When moguls declare bankruptcy, their employees and those of their creditors lose their livelihoods. Leveraged buyouts enrich plutocrats while destroying companies, their communities and their workers.

Steven M. Urdegar,


Puppet rally

So the devastated Florida Panhandle really wants four more years of Donald Trump.


His frontmen did a good job digging up some people and signs to wave around in a show of support. Just more fake news.

Phyllis Koplin,

Pembroke Pines

Save on drugs

Prices for drugs would substantially decrease if the government banned all advertising, which tries to convince the average American that they need a special drug.

You should never insist that your doctor write a prescription for a special drug that you saw, heard or read about. The millions of dollars saved by not advertising drugs on TV, radio or in magazines could be passed on to consumers in the form of lower prices.

The government has done this in the past. When was the last time you saw, heard or read of any cigarette advertising?

Richard L. Owen,

Miami Lakes

Sen. Scott’s ‘action’

Re the May 1 Herald story, “ ‘It’s time for action’: Scott calls for military involvement:”

If ever proof of the stupidity of the Florida voter were lacking, Sen. Rick Scott’s comments are proof positive. A man with no experience in either foreign or military affairs expounding on the need to send troops into harm’s way is outrageous.

Defrauding Medicare does not qualify him as an expert, either. Scott, like our esteemed president, has not served in either the Army or the Marines.

The lessons of Iraq have apparently been forgotten; troops welcomed as liberators quickly became an occupying force, and opposition was immediate. Once a soldier on the ground has “been there, done that” he is not so quick to send other young people into action.

It is also apparent that Scott has never studied history. Our many military incursions into Central and South America over the years have created an ongoing animosity toward El Coloso del Norte.

Do we really need to foster such resentment again, particularly now with greatly increased Russian and Chinese activity in the region? One may logically question whether Scott is serving as President Trump’s puppet — pull the string and his mouth moves, voicing someone else’s words.

Joel H. Beyer, Miami

Goose bumps

Re the May 8 story “ ‘Ducknapper’ stalks bird sanctuary: Prey may be bound for plates:” The story indicates that the Muscovy duck is a federally protected bird; however, “According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, it is actually legal to kill the animal.”

As with many animals, it must be done humanely. It would appear the complaints of Miami Springs residents are not valid unless there is evidence the man is inhumanely killing them. Are all those against killing Muscovy ducks vegetarians? Do they approve of crushing small mammals, i.e. mice in traps?

How about gluing their feet inside a cardboard box until they starve? Is there a special permit for killing Muscovy ducks in Miami Springs? Is chemical warfare against mosquitoes OK even if it kills beneficial insects like honeybees?

Eric Tullberg,

Palmetto Bay

Blunt instruments

Our children aren’t safe at school. We are not safe attending a concert, shopping at a mall or worshiping at church, mosque, or synagogue.

But what gun problem?

Dave Carlson,

Miami Beach