Speak Up

Slesnick proud to run for Gables mayor

I entered the Coral Gables election for mayor the last day of qualifying to offer residents a choice, and I am proud to have done so. I appreciate all those who took the time, in inclement weather, to head to the polls and exercise their right to vote April 9. Coral Gables is at an important crossroads in its future development as a modern city.

I thought the citizens deserved a mayoral campaign that had a full and open debate about the issues which currently face our community. That is what democracy is about — political competition, which gives the voters a chance to decide their future.

My candidacy provided that public forum, which helped educate our residents on the candidates and their positions — something that wouldn’t have happened if the mayor had gone unchallenged.

The results of this election show that there is a sharp divide in how the people of Coral Gables feel about what has happened and what is happening, especially in regards to the size and pace of commercial development.

I wish our city leaders well in their public service, hoping that they will respect the feelings of all their constituents in the decision-making process.

This is my city, too, and I will continue to fight for what I believe is right.

Jeannett Slesnick,

former Gables commissioner,

Coral Gables

‘Toon a bit much

I have enjoyed Jim Morin’s cartoons for many years, as he skewers politicians and others for doing or saying ridiculous things. However, what I saw in the April 10 Herald went too far. To suggest the President of the United States, even Donald Trump, likes the idea of gas chambers to deal with our immigration issues goes way over the line.

Not only am I not a fan of President Trump, I dislike intensely almost everything concerning his presidency and can’t wait to see the end of it. If the president and the congress were really concerned about any “crisis at our borders,” they’d find a way to reach sensible immigration policies other than building a wall.

Political satire is fine, and sometimes much needed, as long as we don’t sink to the level of those who are being satirized.

I look forward to laughing at many more of Jim’s cartoons in the future, because he usually nails it, whether it’s a politician, celebrity or just a current event.

Charles Peters,


Insensitive cartoon

Although I am a great fan of editorial cartoonist Jim Morin and no fan of Donald Trump, I was appalled by Morin’s insensitivity in invoking the horrors of the Holocaust in the April 10 Miami Herald, even to criticize an egregious immigration policy.

Fran Gross,


Cartoon insults

I am not a Trump supporter, by any means. However, the April 10 editorial cartoon, in which Trump is saying to Stephen Miller that he likes the idea of sending immigrants to the gas chamber, was beyond offensive! Even Donald Trump would not say that!

The idea of sending people to a gas chamber conjures up images of the atrocities of the Holocaust. I think an apology is owed, not only to Jews, but to the entire readership.

Shame on the Miami Herald for publishing such an ugly cartoon!

Carole Redlus,


Treasury siphoned

Once again, I read articles in the Herald about scams in which the tax payers must foot the bill for never-ending fraud.

Why must be wait until millions and billions of dollars have gone bye-bye before we can put a halt to these perpetrators?

Oscar Zaragoza,

Miami Shores

Israel a democracy

There are several blatant false statements in Ilene Prusher’s April 9 opinion, “Netanyahu is a member of the ‘Flirting with Fascism Club.’ Its members are pushing hard for his reelection.”

Israel is a democracy. The Israeli public has democratically elected a right-wing government. You may not like it, but that is the fact. Therefore Netanyu and a right-wing coalition democratically won the election.

The investigation into the Trump campaign’s dealing with Russia was not inconclusive. The conclusion was that there was no Russian collusion.

If Team Trump “worked hard to ensure Netanyahu’s survival,” Team Obama worked a lot harder to ensure his defeat.

Get the facts correct.

Connie Goldstein,

North Miami Beach

No redactions

In high school and college, I never considered using CliffsNotes rather than reading a literary work in its entirety. Surely, my teachers and professors would have recognized the lack of substance of any essay based upon a summarized source.

As an intelligent and educated adult, I am insulted by the four-page distillation of Robert Mueller’s thorough and painstaking report. Americans are capable of critical thinking, despite Attorney General Barr’s framing of the contents of that document. We deserve to see the full report and come to our own conclusions.

Sheila Gewirtzman,


Knowing our roots

A reminder to all who fondly remember our founding fathers: This country was not founded with tolerance and acceptance in mind. We somehow evolved, over time, in an attempt to achieve those qualities.

The founding fathers were mostly wealthy, land- and slave-owning white men. Their was little or no tolerance or acceptance of blacks, Native Americans, and any other non-English speaking, non-European people.

It took women well over a 100 years before they won the right to vote. It took an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and an act of Congress, nearly 100 years after the Civil War, to provide rights and protections for black people. So much for tolerance and acceptance.

People should have an understanding of history before attempting to discuss it with others.

Bob Reyes, Sr.,


Who’s the greatest?

Despite my man crush on Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem, D Wade is not the greatest athlete in South Florida history, as Greg Cote states. That honor would go Muhammad Ali.

John Simmons,

Miami Beach