Speak Up

Rights denied

A fundamental legal concept in our county is the right of an accused person to counsel and a fair trial. The rights of the victims can apparently be subordinated to expediency.

In 1770, John Adams, the future second president of the U.S.A., undertook the unpopular defense of nine British soldiers charged with the manslaughter of five Boston citizens. The deaths occurred as a mob was assaulting the soldiers. The subsequent two trials held in open court resulted in the acquittal of seven defendants with two defendants being subject to branding on the thumb for discharging their weapon without a prior proper order given by their officer. No public approbation was held against Adams for his honorable and public legal defense of the soldiers.

In the matter of the sex abuse case against Jeffrey Epstein, it appears the behavior of the prosecuting attorneys and defending attorneys, when exposed to the subsequent light of public examination, has them scrambling like cockroaches to seek a dark place to hide. They certainly appear to have ignored an obligation to appropriately consider the rights of the multiple victims.

Michael R. Drennan,


Never again

President Donald Trump’s comment following the release of the Mueller report: “We can never let this happen to an American president again.”

I, along with millions of others, boldly respond: We can never let this kind of president happen to the United States again!

Marcia Braun, Miami Springs

Sink that barge

Re the March 28 story, “Barge backlash: Floating billboards draw ire.” The only serenity all along the Florida coast is the beach, and now money-grabbing companies have to interrupt that.

Families do not go to the beach to look at ads. It needs to be stopped.

Carol Hamilton,

Miami Springs

Revitalize parks

I agree with the March 26 letter, “Park in decline.” There are plenty of local parks in deplorable conditions.

It is high time counties and cities allocate more money toward park and recreation departments to improve the sad conditions so that people — and specially kids — enjoy Florida’s great weather in an open environment.

Waseem Quadri,


A crime, or not?

As we are still officially at war with North Korea, isn’t President Trump’s action of canceling the agreed upon sanctions that were to be imposed upon that outlaw state actually “giving aid and comfort to the enemy?”

And isn’t that the Constitutional definition of treason?

And if that isn’t a “high crime and misdemeanor,” what in the world is? (Even if Kim Jong-un is a “nice guy.”)

James A. Williams,


Full report, please

It was fun to read the March 28 column by Jay Ambrose, “Witch-hunt found no witch, but do Democrats buy it?” I’m not sure if it came from the Tribune News Service or the Russian Troll Farm in St. Petersburg, but it was pure propaganda all the way.

Articles like these should be prefaced with the statement that the only thing the public has seen is the four page Barr report, not the Mueller report, which is certainly going to be at least a hundred times as long. Congress and the press must be allowed to see the entire report.

Trust Barr? No. Verify? Yes.

John Jarnagin,

Key Largo

Falling dominoes

The Russians are coming. The Russians are there, in Venezuela, that is.

Donald Trump promises that he will fix the problems in Venezuela while his buddy, Vladimir Putin, who Trump always believes, has stationed Russian troops in the country. I don’t think Putin has sent his military out of humanitarian reasons.

Venezuela appears to be, for Russian interests, the third prong of a spearhead; the other two being Nicaragua and Cuba. Other areas of Russian influence in the region could include El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, or other places the Russians could exploit due to the extreme chaos occurring in those nations.

Vice President Pence continues to scurry around in an attempt to rectify the dictatorial status of Maduro, and Trump puts on a show in the White House. All the while, Putin may be calling the shots on just how far the U.S. can go.

John Falcone,

Palmetto Bay

Budget cuts

I feel terribly confused from watching the news. We keep hearing that our economy has never been better. If so, then why would we be eliminating the Affordable Care Act, which has been getting more and more respect from the public?

Then, there is the thought of eliminating funding for Special Olympics. The country very much understands and values the effects of this program. Also, it doesn’t cost a lot of money as much of it is paid for by public donation. But isn’t this the sort of program we should want to see our government supporting? Something with positive results and positive worth?

If we are the wealthiest country in the world, why are we lacking in things that so much of the world regards as basic?

Jeff Haller,

Cutler Bay

So long to a ‘giant’

I thank the Miami Herald for the fine March 26 article on the death of Stu Newman. He was a giant professionally and personally. As his neighbor and fellow WWII veteran (though not on his heroic level), I can add that it was always a pleasure to be with him.

It could be noted that he benefited all of Miami by his service with Seatrade, a leading organization for the cruise industry, which helped make Miami the world’s leading cruise port.

It was appropriate to illustrate the article with a 4-column photo of a smiling Stu at the WWII Memorial, wearing the veterans cap awarded him by Honor Flight, another giant in honoring veterans. He would have liked that very much.

Dave Goodwin,

Miami Beach

Yep, it’s true

Re the March 27 letter, “Mainstream media.” The writer seems as if he hasn’t read a paper in more than two years. Lies about collusion, he claims, in spite of 10 non-Russians affiliated with the Trump campaign being charged with lying to the FBI about their contacts with Russian agents and intelligence officers.

No collusion? Manafort gives a Russian oligarch friend of Putin’s specific voter data, which Russia then used to spread misinformation about Hillary. No collusion? The problem with people like the writer is that any factual article that is negative about the GOP in general — and Trump specifically — must be fake news, because it couldn’t possibly be true that they are so horrible.

Sorry, but it’s true!

Neil Marcus, Coral Gables