Speak Up

Volunteers rock!

Kudos to those folks who are volunteering their time to keep our public parks open during a very busy period, when there are plenty of tourists around who would like to experience a visit to the Everglades! They are truly good citizens.

If only the decision-makers in Washington could also be so right minded. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being local heroes.

Dianne Stutts,

Pembroke Pines

McConnell kneels

Our Founding Fathers created a government with three branches. The House introduces a spending bill which then goes to the Senate, and if successful there, the bill goes to the president for his signature. He can, of course, veto any bill, whereupon it goes back to Congress, which in turn can override the veto with a two-thirds vote in each chamber.

Therein lies the solution to the budget crisis and government shutdown, except that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to even introduce the House bill to the Senate.

Senator McConnell, our Constitution intended for you to act independently of the White House, not to kowtow to its occupant. How dare you deny your colleagues the right to even debate an end to the embarrassing shutdown soon to go into its third week?

Robert Grauer,

Coral Springs

BSO must rise

The reputation of Broward Sheriff’s Office had a horrible year in 2018 due to the actions or inactions of a few, especially the failure of leadership. There are no bad police departments, just bad individual cops and bad leadership.

The 95-plus percent of the deputies at BSO risk their lives daily and provide professional service. The lack of “amazing leadership” should not stigmatize them. It’s time for real BSO leadership, for the troops and the citizens.

Charles E. Nanney,

Pembroke Pines

Wild and confused

North Miami Parks and Recreation had planned a long-awaited field trip to Everglades National Park for this week. But, because of the government shutdown, which Trump has declared may last for months, our trip has now been canceled.

What will Everglades wildlife, like the spoonbill birds, crocodiles, alligators, turtles and panthers think, when they no longer see tourists exclaiming over their natural habitat and beauty? Will their feelings be hurt?

Of course, it’s impossible for them, as dumb animals, to understand the reasoning behind the government’s decision to shut down. But they won’t be alone in their confusion — it is also incomprehensible for most of us humans!

Karin Stahl,

North Miami

Parkland parent

It is impossible to know the pain of losing one’s child, as happened to Fred Guttenberg after his daughter was killed in the Parkland high school massacre. Now he is an activist for gun control, and it is his right to do so.

But he is wrong to criticize the sheriffs who gave their opinions on NRA TV.

We, the citizens of this great country, should consider this matter of safety in the schools without partisan ideology. The Broward School Board, the Sheriff’s Office, and the FBI, all failed to protect Guttenberg’s daughter and the other victims.

Julian Darío Miyares,


Don’t pay congress

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are not receiving their paychecks. How do their families pay mortgages, grocery and other bills while congress and the president’s staff receive full pay? Do our leaders have any conscious at all?

Their paychecks should also be halted. Maybe then the government will reopen.

Ray Turner,


La dolce vita

Re the Jan. 5 story, “Grandson of Fidel Castro shares his life of luxury via Instagram.” In the story, someone asks, who is paying for the privileged lifestyles of Fidel Castro’s and Che Guevarra’s descendants? It is the European and Canadian tourists, who dine at restaurants and stay in hotels owned and operated by the Cuban government.

And, similar to Marie Antoinette’s response during the French Revolution when told the citizens did not have bread, Castro and Guevarra, when told Cuban citizens do not have bread, would probably respond, let them eat flan.

Alicia Cubota Smith,

Miami Beach

Forget the wall

Where is the outrage over Trump’s failure from day one to address the disaster in Puerto Rico? His inaction is insensitive, inhumane and unconscionable.

Where is the Democratic Party, which is allowing the suffering and lack of infrastructure there to continue? Where are all the do-gooders who go ballistic over the impending loss of a worm or a snail but have nothing to say about this?

If Puerto Ricans had a full vote, this would not have happened. Someone must take this to court to force the administration to act immediately and decisively.

Even if Trump has no superego, those of us who do have one must force his hand. We must begin to challenge this harmful, misguided, autocratic world class pariah. The longer we tolerate him, the more he becomes us in the eyes of the world.

Barry J. White,


Absurd outrage

“I have never in my lifetime seen a president being so ridiculed and insulted.” So opines Renee Arazie in the Jan. 6 letter to the editor, “Foul language.” Arazie is outraged that Democrats, liberals and liberal media don’t condemn what U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib said, yet Arazie and others look the other way when Trump does the same.

For instance, I’ve never seen a presidential candidate ridicule and mock a disabled person on TV. I’ve never seen a presidential candidate show disdain for a war hero “because he got captured.” I’ve never seen a presidential candidate claim that sexual assault is fine when you’re a celebrity. The list goes on and on.

The day we started going down the road to a “shithole” country was the day Trump took the oath of office. And a spineless Republican Congress condones and abets such behavior.

Tim Turman,

Cutler Bay

Taxing issue

Newly elected U.S. House Democrat Socialist for New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, suggested that new tax rates for Americans making more than $10 million be as high as 70 percent in order to fund a Green New Deal Program.

I have to wonder, does she realize that such new tax rates would adversely impact all of those left-leaning-thinking-progressive athletes as well as the extreme-left-leaning-thinking Hollywood actors/actresses who are sympathetic to her expressed opinions and cause? How are they all feeling about supporting these extreme politicians?

How much money would their take home pay be?

Juan Pablo Aleman,