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Bush a ‘hero’

Bush a ‘hero’

Let’s take a break from all of the chicanery in American politics to pay homage to a true American hero, George H.W. Bush. He personified the best in human ideals.

Even though I was unhappy with his use of Willie Horton in his campaign to arouse Americans’ fears, I came to realize that Bush was a decent human being. With his death, on the heels of John McCain’s passing, Americans should ask other politicians to rise above petty politics and work for the good of all of us, ensuring that each human being is treated with decency and respect.

Ollie Daniels,

Pembroke Pines

Bush had integrity

George H.W. Bush called for a kinder, gentler world. With his passing, the 41st president will be remembered as someone who valued integrity, sincerity, accountability and rationality. He also modeled tolerance and compassion in his political decision-making, at home and abroad.

He showed, by example, that bipartisanship and mutual respect are essential components of a healthy democracy.

Arthur Hirshorn, Hollywood

Gentler president

For all my voter registration years, I’ve been a card-carrying Democrat. I even worked on Students Committee for Kennedy before I could vote.

But I’ve also admired Republicans; my father (who died in 1972), described himself with pride as a “Rockefeller Republican.”

With the passing this year of John McCain and now George W.H. Bush, my admiration for them in specific instances is aligned with my regard for Colin Powell and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and locals Al Cardenas and Stanley Tate.

I’ve long respected former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, no matter his party label — and have him on my presidential wish-list.

So, it is with real despair as an American that I see most of the current GOP cohort leaving their legacy to Donald Trump. The current White House tenant is no Lincoln “legatee,” no savior of the Grand Old Party. So, why the never-ending effort to save him from his own inevitable self-inflicted political demise? Don't they get that all of America is at stake? I just don’t get it! Respectfully,

Norma A. Orovitz,

Bay Harbor Islands

No justice

Kudos to the Miami Herald for “Perversion of Justice,” its series on criminal injustice courtesy of Alexander Acosta, Jeffrey Epstein, Alan Dershowitz, A. Marie Villafaña and other officers of the judicial system. Without a free press, they would have continued to operate in the shadows. Their actions prove that a billionaire pedophile means more to the powers that be than scores of throwaway teenage girls.

I always thought that Lady Justice was blindfolded because we are all equal in the eyes of the law, with her scales balanced for fairness and her sword, the power of the state protecting us. Turns out the blindfold is so that no one can see sealed court files, the scales are to weigh the gold the defense attorneys make from defending the rich and the sword is what anyone speaking out against these egregious acts gets threatened with.

Roberto Romero

Snellville, Ga.

Sickening crimes

Re Julie Brown’s series “Perversion Of Justice:” I was horrified by the way our justice system can be manipulated by those in power. The lengths to which Jeffrey Epstein and his attorneys went to to make sure he received just a slap on the wrist for his appalling and sickening crimes were nauseating.

He ruined scores of young girls’ lives. You don’t fully recover from those experiences. I’ve been there myself, so I know.

It makes me angry that those with money, notoriety or political clout never pay for their crimes. I thank Brown for her exhaustive reporting on this monstrous pedophile. The story is yet another shining example of why journalists must be protected as the First Amendment intended.

Karen Peter,

Tell City, Ind.

Not tough enough

On June 27, 2015, Donald Trump tweeted: “When someone challenges you unfairly, fight back, be tough — don’t take it!”

On Nov. 25, 2018, Russia seized three Ukrainian navy vessels and their crews.

So a few days before the G-20 summit in Argentina, because this incident off the coast of Crimea appalled most everyone in Congress, President Trump calls off a personal two-hour meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the G-20 summit, as if to show Americans that he’s tough.

Not so. Trump has just demonstrated how weak he really is. A real man would not have canceled the meeting. He would have confronted Putin, pinned him to the wall and told him to release those Crimean sailors. Unfortunately for Americans, Trump wimped out.

Ernie Garcia,

Pembroke Pines

Big step back

The America we know and love doesn’t exist anymore, because of President Trump. Since the birth of our country, American soldiers gave their lives to make America what it is. But Trump came along and destroyed what they fought and died for.

For instance, taking innocent children from their parents,with no paper trail to reunite them; trying to get rid of Obamacare, Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood. By the way, Puerto Rico wants to thank you again for all the paper towels.

Kenneth Chaitman,


Animal recovery

Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Michael Filteau has “serious ethical concerns” about Animal Recovery Mission’s (ARM) method of investigating and breaking up an illegal cockfighting situation in Southwest Miami-Dade. What! No crime was cited. Only “concerns”.

ARM receives nary a dime of public money. It is supported by private donations. Those of us who do support ARM know that we could never do what those dedicated employees and volunteers of ARM do who, by going undercover and videotaping the horrors of animal abuse and neglect, obtain evidence of such.

In each case, the police are called and the evidence is turned over to the proper authorities such as the police and the State Attorney’s Office. However, some of those authorities go out of their way to find negligible fault with ARM and do not always arrest or fully prosecute the animal abusers.

ARM’s work should be applauded, not criticized. The horrors of animal abuse should be exposed and abusers prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The police and the State Attorney’s Office should be thanking ARM for their work, not trying to diminish them or interfere with their courageous work.

Ellen D. Coulton,

South Miami