Speak Up

Kavanaugh’s priviledge

If you’re an actor or anchor, producer or director, you get fired or convicted. If you aspire to the highest offices in the land, you get nominated and elected.

Did I get that right?

Norma A. Orovitz,

Bay Harbor Islands

No to Kavanaugh

I am saddened that Brett Kavanaugh could soon be part of the Supreme Court. At 51, his decisions will haunt this country for at least the next 35 years. How can we allow someone with this much baggage in his past — who frequently lies under oath and freely loses his cool — into the highest court of the land? How can we let him impose his will on the American people, just as he has done his entire life?

Women today are still not being taken seriously.

Allegations of misconduct are mocked and laughed at; as a result, women will continue to be scared to come forward regarding sexually horrific instances.

We must stop brushing the actions of the white, the male and the privileged under the rug and recognize them for what they are: acts of blatant disregard for humanity and human dignity.

These instances will stay ingrained in the minds of victims for the rest of their lives and cause them to suffer much grief and pain.

The statement, “All men are created equal,” is a just a facade. We cannot continue to allow this country to plummet down a deteriorating path.

Vote in November! Vote for those who do their jobs as public servants and not those who are in office to simply serve themselves.

Kelley A. Szymanski,


I believe her, him

I believe them both. I believe the pinning down of Christine Blasey Ford occurred and I believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh does not remember he did it because he was just learning how to drink like a jock.

To him, nothing happened because it did not make an impression. But to Ford, well, a woman never forgets the terror and powerlessness of being overtaken by a stronger individual. Believe me.

Now what?

C.M. Van Ginkel, Miami

Courtroom drama

The 10 Democrat senators on the Judiciary Committee remind me of the jury in, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

For the benefit of those progressive #MeToo movement” agitators who are products of the modern non-classical educational system, “To Kill a Mockingbird” had nothing to do with animal rights.

Jerome J. Kavulich,

Palmetto Bay

Unseemly behavior

I listened carefully to Christine Ford’s testimony accusing Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault, and Kavanaugh’s denial of this charge. Although Ford’s testimony is by far the most credible, I was appalled by Kavanaugh’s angry screed and belligerent behavior before the Senate Judiciary Committee — wildly blaming the charges against him as part of a vast, left-wing conspiracy orchestrated by the Clintons and the Democrats in which Ford was a mere pawn.

This is the kind of speech and behavior we have come to expect from Donald Trump and his political operatives, not a U.S. Supreme Court nominee.

Kavanaugh’s performance may have played well with the president and his base, but it also showed that the judge lacks the necessary judicial temperament to sit on the Supreme Court or even the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Phillip Hubbart,


Unfit for the job

Judge Kavanaugh’s snarling outbursts of rage make him unfit for the high Court. Supreme Court justices should be serene, in control of their emotions, and above the fray.

If he truly believed this to be a case of mistaken identity, the judge should have acted with injured innocence, not indecorous bad temper. He is furious at seeing a job that he already regards as his entitlement, perhaps being snatched from him.

Hilary Langen,

Miami Beach

Harlem renaissance?

While in New York City, after addressing the UN, Cuba’s leader Miguel Diaz Canel and Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro attended Harlem’s Riverside Church.

Meanwhile, back home in Cuba, the Ladies in White are beaten every Sunday by the police as they walk together to attend church, and in Venezuela, citizens are starving to death.

Obviously, being in a vibrant and free city like New York, where everyone can express themselves freely without fear of persecution, brought these two men to visit the church.

Alicia Cubota Smith,

Miami Beach

New expressway

The only thing the new 836 expressway will improve is the bank accounts of the politicians who voted for it. Put it to a vote by the people.

Eminent domain will now claim more dwindling farm land, encroach on our water supply and the UDB. Stop building zero line lot homes and condos and you will not need a new road.

Urban sprawl will surely follow, making even that road obsolete. Let the people vote.

John Cameron,

West KendallI

Putin’s having fun

The she said / he said spectacle on Sept. 27, set up by the master media manipulator-in-chief, was the latest indicator of the sad state of our democracy.

As she testified, I found Christine Blasey Ford to be thoughtful, highly credible and graceful. Judge Brett Kavanaugh was emotional, disrespectful, entitled, obstinate, belligerent, partisan and paranoid — ironically — of a vast, left-wing conspiracy promulgated by the Clintons and others.

These impressions are all we have, as the full story requires further witnesses, under oath, who have been excluded from the process.

Based on this reality show, and unrelated to his sexual abuse of women, Kavanaugh is temperamentally unfit to be a Supreme Court justice, much less a Circuit Court judge.

It also was painful to watch the Grand Old Party (emphasis on old) of enraged white men grasping at what they know is their last vestige of power.

They’re fully willing to sacrifice women and elections (unless votes are suppressed) to keep their power on the court for decades.

Be careful what you wish for.

If Kavanaugh is confirmed, we’ll have hit the trifecta: the presidency, legislature and judiciary, fully dysfunctional, partisan and disreputable.

Putin must be thrilled at his unmitigated success, likely beyond his wildest dreams.

Arlene Adams Easley,

Coral Gables