Speak Up

A knee slapper

It appears that by deploring the dangerous standard that presupposes that you are guilty until proven innocent, Trump has finally understood one of the core issues of the Kaepernick protest.

As the president states in his defense of Judge Kavanaugh, “When you are guilty until proven innocent, it’s just not supposed to be that way. That’s a very dangerous standard for the country.” Will his concern extend beyond powerful white males?

Rosa Betancourt,

Miami Beach

Dirty politics

Politics has reached a new all-time low. The Brett Kavanaugh situation is dirty politics defined. The politicians behind this debacle — Sen. Dianne Feinstein, in particular — should be ashamed of themselves. It is a ruthless effort to preclude an individual from becoming a Supreme Court justice. They will stop at nothing to win.

Feinstein sits on the story for almost two months and then acts shocked that the confirmation process will not be delayed or stopped (obviously so that the mid-terms can proceed). The political machinery behind this couldn’t care less about the individuals and their families and the fact that their lives are turned upside down. They are mere chess pieces in a political game.

The politicians behind this fiasco ignore or hide similar or worse problems in their own party. Maybe we should turn the mirror on all of the politicians who claim to care about our well-being and see what they were doing more than 30 years ago.

What infuriates me is that they think we are stupid. We need real change in our political system, from the bottom up. This situation is pathetic, no matter which party is involved.

Fleta Stamen,

Coconut Grove

Revenge politics

I find Sen. Lindsey Graham’s tirade condemning congressional Democrats’ “political ambush” absolutely preposterous when compared to the Republican majority’s partisan coup that prevented even the consideration of Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee from the Supreme Court, before the 2016 elections.

No, if Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t pass muster, there probably won’t be time to approve someone else before the elections.

Sound familiar?

I sure wish our legislators would spend more of their efforts on governing than going after the other side and fostering this culture of revenge.

Glenn Patron,


Past is not past

I find it irritating that some of the candidates for a commissioner’s seat for Biscayne Park feel the civil rights violations of the village’s police department are “in the past.” Ask the gentlemen who had to suffer the indignity of arrest, trial and incarceration — not to mention separation from family and loss of jobs and income — if everything is in the past. It’s easy to dismiss mistreatment if it doesn’t happen to you.

Disparate treatment in arrests and sentencing for people of color has been well researched and documented, and continues to this day.

I applaud the actions of the village manager and the revamping of the police department. But it is way too soon to declare the problems of Biscayne Park are in the past. It will take time and active efforts to regain the trust of people of color.

John D. Kimble Jr.,

North Miami

Men’s behavior

A lot of men, who don’t necessarily support Kavanaugh, feel entitled to express their opinions on social media on how this matter should be handled. These men seem unaware of their audience, including survivors of sexual attack, who are being re-traumatized by what these entitled men consider their gems of wisdom.

These topics range from questioning Christine Blasey Ford’s memory and hesitation to come forward, to criticism of women speaking out, saying they speak without evidence or aren’t speaking calmly enough. It’s interesting that speaking calmly has never worked for women in the past — ever.

I think this behavior by some men is indicative of a culture we women have always lived with. Men, in love with the sound of their voice, believe they are right, unquestioningly, and think women should be grateful and follow their advice.

A few weeks ago, at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, Ariana Grande was groped on the pulpit by a pastor, in full view of the world. This is a stark example of the sense of entitlement some men are raised with, in contrast to women, who are still being told to act like ladies.

May the future be better.

Ellen Schnepper,


Immigrant pain

The Trump administration’s newest immigration policy proposal is outrageous. No one should ever have to pick between obtaining essential medical care and staying together with their family in this country.

The new changes make it so that if an immigrant has received SNAP, Medicaid, certain health insurances, federal housing assistance, or has been involved in other anti-poverty programs, it would weigh heavily against their green-card applications. This would hit millions of people extremely hard, as one in every four American children come from immigrant families. Children and parents would likely become deprived of important resources they need to be healthy from fear of deportation.

I hope members of Congress will stand against these policy changes that punish immigrant families for trying to cover their basic needs for survival. Everyone deserves the right to lead a healthy life. This is extremely unfair.

Tanha Rahman,


Person over party

Hear, hear, to the beautifully worded Sept. 23 letter by Philip S. Huguenin, “DeSantis’ support for Trump swamps his credentials.” I am so glad that there are people who, despite their long affiliations with a particular party, can be objective and realize the current leader of that party is extraordinarily deficient on every level.

I am a registered Independent and vote for the person, not the party. I, too, cannot believe the behavior of Ron DeSantis, or any of the sycophants in Congress who are ceding their personal integrity to an amoral, cruel bully who is completely undermining our democracy on every level — and then gift-wrapping it for Russia.

Without a doubt, President Trump will be crowned with the amazing title in American history that he, himself, will never claim: “Worst. President. Ever.”

Karyn Posner-Mullen,


Sure as can be

If you cannot be absolutely sure, 100 percent sure, don’t ruin your neighbor’s reputation. Once it is ruined, it cannot be reconstructed, and his or her life will be destroyed forever.

German J. Miret,