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Leonard Pitts on Kavanaugh

Leonard Pitts’ Sept. 19 opinion, “Kavanaugh case shows how America accepts men’s predations against women,” is laughable. Pitts has already tried and convicted Kavanaugh in the media court. We still have the concept of innocent until proven guilty in this country, no matter who is running it.

What are the facts of the accusation? We know what Ford described, but the one witness she named did not see what she saw. Where did it happen, when did it happen and how she got there are all unknown, per the victim. The FBI does not investigate non-federal cases. Court cases, everyday, are dismissed for lack of evidence or witnesses.

In addition, one person had a letter from Ford: Senator Feinstein. I wonder where the leak is? Maybe Pitts should have done a story on people who don’t respect the privacy of others.

Chris Bimonte,

West Kendall

Kavanaugh a liar?

I treat rapists. They lie. Often, acquaintances mistakenly “know” they are good men. They do not see the hidden truth.

Is Brett Kavanaugh a liar and criminal (attempted rape and perjury)?

Rape investigations take time and involve collecting more evidence than just listening to the alleged victim and perpetrator.

Should not the U.S. Senate protect the American people and the institution of the Supreme Court by asking for a full, non-partisan investigation of all of the evidence?

After holding the position open for more than a year when Obama was president, why the rush now?

William Samek, Director,

Florida Sexual Abuse

Treatment Program,


Toxic Scott

Tourism is still the number one generator of tax revenue for the state of Florida and the number one generator of job creation. It’s inconceivable why any person in their right mind would vote for Rick Scott for U.S. Senate after he stripped the state budget of monies needed to monitor and protect the environment.

That environment includes the toxic dead fish along Florida’s Gulf Coast beaches, which has become national and international news.Tourists may now reconsider vacationing in Florida.

This is the result of Scott and his Republican cronies repeatedly convincing a majority of voters that Florida’s agriculture and industry will monitor themselves in the best interest of our environment without the need for stringent government oversight.

Richard Claycomb,

Fort Lauderdale

Does GOP worry?

The Republican Party, rather than encouraging college-age students to vote, is making a very weak argument by placing seniors in the mix. Young people notoriously have very low voter turnout and should be encouraged in any way possible to vote.

Polling places on college campuses is one easy way.

Senior citizens who who feel they are unable to go to the polls have, for many years, requested and received mail-in ballots.

Is the GOP worried that young people, naturalized citizens and people of color are going to vote for the opposition?

Lois Kahn,

Coral Gables

Feel the heat

If your house were on fire, would you leave your family inside and hope for the best? That’s exactly what Florida legislators have done by refusing to enact meaningful gun reform. No matter how many resource officers or “guardians” they hire, they have done nothing to stop the next school massacre.

When civilians have the fire power to massacre their fellow citizens in less time than it takes to order coffee at Starbucks, nothing will stop them — except taking away high-powered guns and high-capacity ammunition, which our legislators refuse to do.

On Oct. 1, 2017, one person fired more than 1,100 rounds in 10 minutes from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, killing 58 people and injuring another 851.

Our house is on fire, engulfed in flames. And it is our legislators who have abandoned us inside this burning building.

Barbara Markley,

Fort Lauderdale

One-punch Nelson?

It’s time for Sen. Bill Nelson to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and put the gloves on. He needs to sound like a contender and get on to the business of winning this election. All Rick Scott does is find fault with him.

It’s time for Nelson to be aggressive; let’s hear some positive things the Democrats will be doing when we take over Congress.

Come on Bill — Fight!

Phyllis Koplin,

Pembroke Pines

Cain’s hyperbole

What on earth possessed the Miami Herald’s Editorial Board to publish Herman Cain’s opinion piece, “Single-payer health care a death sentence for seniors” on Sept. 19?

The op-ed is littered with hyperbolic statements such as “...the nightmares of Obamacare...” or “When the government gets involved in healthcare, it always leads to disaster and death...” or how about, “Trusting the government with your healthcare is like trusting a lion to watch your baby...”

After screaming the sky is falling throughout most of the piece, Cain, a former presidential candidate, states “...government-controlled healthcare is not the answer for our broken health care model...,” yet he does not propose one idea concerning what might be.

By referring to our health care system as “broken,” he indicted the current private insurance industry which, by the way, is not known for its compassionate practices.

One could fill several pages of the Herald with many examples of drugs not on a formulary and procedures not approved by the private sector.

Carroll Billups,

Fort Lauderdale

Expensive goods

President Trump’s new $200 billion tariffs against China have been described as punitive. In response, China will impose retaliatory tariffs on American products. These tariffs are not beneficial to American consumers, who will be the ones feeling the punitive aspects of Trump’s trade wars.

With such a disproportionate amount of products produced in China present in American households, Trump should consider the impact of his decisions. We realistically find items made in China as more affordable than those made in the United States.

Even MAGA hats made in China may see significant price increases. Has the president considered this?

If I had the space to stockpile massive amounts of goods from China, I might immediately buy and hoard merchandise offered by Dollar Tree.

I love knowing that I am able to spend no more than a dollar on anything sold there.

Once the fallout from this ill-advised trade war filters down to consumers, we may see a name change: Ten Dollar Tree. Hopefully, it will not be any worse than that.

Sheila Gewirtzman,