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FEMA no relief

Re the Sept. 7 story, “‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Irma took their homes, but these Florida Keys people have plans.”

As soon as U.S. 1 is cleared, they should allow United Parcel Service to deliver to selected spots along U.S. 1 where residents could pick up orders. As more roads are made safe, delivery could be expanded. They could deliver anything, from chainsaws to food.

WiFi mobile stations placed strategically on U.S. 1 would allow us to go out to the highway and be able to contact family and friends.

All relief agencies told me to go online to file for assistance. Volunteers were so untrained they didn’t realize there was no way to get online. There was absolutely no coordination with the relief agencies along U.S. 1. Most didn’t have simple signs telling us what they offered.

If I wasn’t trying desperately to secure my damaged property, I would have set up a table and a big blackboard and write the name, location and offerings of the relief agencies stacked along the highway, creating, in effect, a simple central headquarters for assistance.

No one knew what to do or where to get accurate information. There was absolutely no organization. FEMA should have done all this, but they didn’t have their act together either, changing locations several times.

Bruce Gorman,

Big Pine Key

Kudos to FIU

As a native Miamian and FIU aluma, I am so proud of my alma mater for reaching the top 100 public university ranking from U.S. News & World Report for the first time in it’s history.

I wish the Miami Herald story had reported FIU’s accomplishment with enthusiasm similar to that lavished on the older Florida public universities. We need to make a habit of celebrating and promoting our local institutions — especially when they achieve great milestones.

Melissa Tapanes Llahues,


FIU President’s Council


Presidential affairs

Even as a conservative Republican, I can certainly understand the outrage that Donald Trump’s behavior elicits from everyone, not just socialists and other liberals. The man can’t keep his mouth shut or his thumbs still, so we (unfortunately) always know what he’s thinking. However, there’s plenty to criticize without the need to resort to the ignorant rants of many Herald letter writers.

In a Sept. 13 letter, the writer, referring to Trump, wrote, “His moral transgressions make all other chief executives look like choir boys.” Makes me wonder which choir, The Harvey Weinstein Singers?

Sure, Trump slept with a sleazy hooker and a Playboy bunny, to name a few, but unlike Bill Clinton, he hasn’t gone after any interns or other White House subordinates. And who can forget Clinton’s intense, sincere look directly into the camera: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

Oh, and let’s not forget Jack Kennedy’s affairs with Marilyn Monroe and mafia mistress Judith Campbell, at a time when the press still thought the sex lives of public figures were off limits. And FDR, and Eisenhower, and ...well, you get the picture.

Trump’s a pig, so just stick with the facts. Stop trying to live up to Ronald Reagan’s assessment: “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that so much of what they know is simply not true.”

John Phillips,

Coconut Grove

Highway safety

Re the Sept 11 guest editorial, “Why aren’t we talking about the high number of fatal semi-truck accidents?”

Why is no one ever interested in passing a law requiring lane discipline as exists in other locales?

Left lanes for passing only; large trucks only allowed in the right lane.

Would this not make our highways safer and less crazy to drive on?

Scott Eber,


Realty bites

So, the South Beach Realtor duo known as The Jills wanted prison time for rival real estate broker Kevin Tomlinson; he didn’t get any. At least that frees up some space.

Now, phase two is the investigation into who allegedly diddled with the Multiple Listing Service. Who actually did it or ordered it done and who either already has, or will, lie under oath about it?

Perjury gets you five years, not house arrest.

Jay W. Gould,


Mental state

Who cares about the author of the New York Times anonymous op-ed? Finding him or her is a mere witch hunt.

It’s a strategy method to deter from the main issue: Is the president of the United States mentally capable of fulfilling his duty as leader of the free world?

Clarissa Montz,

Palmetto Bay

Planet killers

As if allowing increased vehicle emissions and encouraging the expansion of coal fired power plants and their assaults on the environment is not enough, Trump and the Environmental Pollution Agency now support allowing energy companies to release increased levels of one of the worst global warming villains — methane.

The EPA wants to permit companies to ignore monitoring and repairing methane leaks. All this, while the U.N. Secretary General warned this week of a dangerous tipping point on climate change in 2020 and issued pleas for increased emission controls. Tipping Point means irreversible change.

At least the titans of industry are pleased. Less regulation means higher profits. History will vilify this administration for its reckless and shortsighted environmental decisions.

Chuck Latshaw,

Palmetto Bay

Press freedom

When I left my birthplace (Cuba) in 1960, there were at least four daily newspapers, three national television networks and multiple radio stations. Then our leader (Fidel) decided to save Cuba and make it great.

Today, 58 years later, there is only one newspaper and it is the mouthpiece of the government. Any other opinions are fake.

Thank goodness I now live in the U.S.A., where there is free press and I can decide what is the truth and what is fake.

Carlos Don,


Making a difference

I support a free press! Thank you for upholding the First Amendment.

Leon Stenicky,

Hillsboro Beach

Verbal assaults

Re the Sept. 4 letter, “Threats to the press:” President Trump’s verbal assaults on the media would not exist if the media reported the news instead of creating it.

Furthermore, U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters has verbally assaulted all Republicans to the point of inciting her constituents to violence. She should be indicted as an accessory before the fact.

David Kellen,