Speak Up

Opa-locka sewage

Opa-locka poses a major health risk to its residents due to knee-high puddles full of poop as reported by the Miami Herald on Sept. 11 (“Sewage filled streets in Opa-locka while repairs were delayed”). I do not understand why this ongoing problem has been ignored. This is a toxic health crisis that should have been corrected decades ago.

It should be a major concern for all Florida politicians in the upcoming November elections. I am confident that Andrew Gillum and Donna Shalala will address these problems for the benefit of all Floridians!

Sue Browning, Miami

Curbelo a ‘hero’

I am a life-long Democrat. I knocked on hundreds of doors for President Obama and helped to turn Virginia from a red to a blue state. However, this year I chose to contribute to one Republican: Congressman Carlos Curbelo. Fellow Democrats in his district should know why.

Curbelo is a climate hero. While other Republicans have denied climate change, he co-founded the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus. It now has more Republican members than the arch-conservative Freedom Caucus. House GOP members finally have a safe place to address global warming alongside Democrats.

When most other Republicans voted to oppose any tax on carbon pollution, he voted against this resolution and then introduced his own carbon tax bill, sending a signal to industries that it’s time to invest in cleaner, cheaper energy options.

Climate change is our greatest threat. We desperately need sustainable, bipartisan federal legislation to thwart its devastating effects. To achieve this goal, we need leaders like Curbelo on both sides of the aisle.

When only one party supports a major policy shift, like the Affordable Care Act, it often doesn’t last through the next election. Bipartisan legislation — such as Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water acts — has stood the test of time.

While the coming blue tide will likely sweep Republicans out of the House majority, I urge voters in Florida’s District 26 to think twice before sweeping a climate hero like Curbelo out with the trash.

Don Kraus,

Asheville, NC

Not a democracy

Re the Sept. 10 letter, “McConnell’s abuse.” The writer is perplexed that Sen. McConnell failed to bring Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland for an up or down vote in 2016. The writer should be aware ours is not a democracy but a representative republic. Doubters should research the difference.

If we were a democracy, Hillary Clinton would now be president and Al Gore would have been president, too.

Mark Wickman,

North Miami

Word ruins eulogy

Miami Herald reporter Howard Cohen wrote an elegant front page eulogy of actor Burt Reynolds’ life and career on Sept. 7.

However, the in-depth article, which covered Reynolds’ career in the theater arts along with his love for the state of Florida, was lowered to a level of a trashy tabloid when the word paramour was used to describe the actor’s true love of actress Sally Field. Reynolds’ list of friends and celebrities was attributed to his extraordinary life. Was it really necessary to write paramour?

Michelle Tedesco,


Dull speech

When asked, Donald Trump replied that he did listen to former President Obama’s speech, but that it put him to sleep. He seems to fall asleep every time he listens to an intelligent speaker.

That is why, in order to stay awake, he only watches Fox News.

Anthony Liotti,

Sunny Isles Beach

Keep writing!

Does it really matter who wrote the anonymous op-ed about Trump in the New York Times?

We write these letters every day and most readers don’t really know who we are. The most important element of this affair is the fact that we all can express our opinions without retribution — without personal threats against us.

No, we did not commit a criminal act, as some would suggest. Under our U.S. Constitution, we have the power of free speech and no attempt by the Executive Branch or any department of our federal government can take that away from us or threaten us by any manner or means. Write on, my friends!

Bill Silver, Coral Gables


Donald Trump tells Apple, “Make your products in the United States instead of China…Exciting!”

The majority of Trump’s products were made in China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea.

Daughter Ivanka’s line is made in China and is safe from Trump’s tariffs.

The new spelling of hypocrisy: T-R-U-M-P.

Ray Belongie,


Venetian blues

Suspending tolls on what has already become a traffic nightmare on the Venetian Causeway due to MacArthur Causeway repairs is just shifting another layer of problems to Venetian homeowners.

What should be added is the lock-down of the east and west bridges during the same hours tolls are suspended.

At least the traffic flow would have a chance of avoiding extra congestion.

Andrea Edelstein,

Miami Beach

Hospital money

I had a big laugh when I read the Sept. 12 article, “One year after Irma, this Keys hospital is open but awaits a $40 million rebuild.”

Before my wife passed 11 years ago, she worked 35 years as a registered nurse for one of Baptist’s hospitals. Even then, I recall reading about some $300-plus million in “profits” that Baptist Health South Florida (BHSF) accumulated each year.

To classify BHSF as a “nonprofit” is a total misnomer. How else is this medical juggernaut able to expand and own nine hospitals and outpatient facilities in four counties, with plans to add 20 more facilities in the next five years?

By coincidence, in the same day’s paper, BHSF announced a promotion of its new chief financial officer. Both Herald writers should have coordinated their articles and perhaps interviewed this new executive as to how BHSF managed to reach “$2.9 billion in reserves” for a nonprofit organization — more than enough to rebuild Fishermen’s without begging for any donations.

Charles Tien, Davie

It’s not funny

Re the Sept. 10 letter, “Killing comedy,” bemoaning the lack of comedy on late night television.

Here’s what’s not funny: Toddlers and children separated from their parents and living in cages; a

SCOTUS nominee lying under oath; an unfit president.

Lose some sleep over that.

Lawrence A. Snetman,