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Influencers advice

Re the Aug. 27 online article, “Influencers: What’s best for Florida’s health: Single payer? Repeal ACA? Free market? More Medicaid, or less?”

The review includes some fine ideas to improve the cost of care, but unfortunately others that would increase both the cost of care and the waiting time for it.

What medical care needs most is the right philosophy that allows for freedom of choice and the rights of physicians to manage care as they think best.

Visits to doctors’ offices will go better when the government is not in the room with us.

Richard E. Ralston,

executive director,

Americans for Free Choice in Medicine,

Newport Beach, CA

New political devil

Rod DeSantis, a Republican Florida Gubernatorial candidate has become a useful new political devil for the Democratic Party, the liberal media and certain vested interests. The reason, a DeSantis remark about Andrew Gillum, the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate. In a television interview on Fox, DeSantis said: “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up, if they embrace Gillum’s far-left platform”.

In his remark, DeSantis, accordingly with the dictionary, used the word “monkey” as a colloquial form for “monkey business” meaning “mischief”. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party, with the help of liberal media and certain vested interests maliciously interpreted the word “monkey” as a “primate” with a racist connotation.

There is no doubt that the Democratic Party, with the help of liberal media and certain vested interests are using this out of context interpretation as an ammunition for insidious campaign against Republican candidates, specially those supported by President Trump.

The Florida’s people and the American people in general have to use the common sense to realize how negativity works behind the political scenes.

Jaime A. Pérez Singla,


Violent streak

President Trump recently warned Americans that if the Republicans lose the House in November, the Democrats will commit acts of violence.

I find this somewhat a paradox as his personal penchant for violence has shown its ugly face on a number of occasions; an early one appearing in his 1987 book, where he said, “In the second grade I actually gave a teacher a black eye — I punched my music teacher because I didn’t think he knew anything about music and I almost got expelled….”

In Cedar Rapids, on the day of the Iowa caucuses, he informed his audience that he would pay their legal fees if they engaged in violence against protesters. He told them, “If you see somebody ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you?”

At a Las Vegas rally he told the audience that the security guards were too gentle with a protestor. He told them, “I’d like to punch him in the face…”

At a Warren, Michigan rally, focusing on another protester, he said, “Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do, I’ll defend you in court.”

And in a speech to law enforcement officers focusing on the gang MS-13, he encouraged officers to be rougher on suspects when placing them in custody.

Actions and words do indeed speak for themselves.

Charles E. Hannemann,

Palmetto Bay

Canola oil is bad

I was left flabbergasted having read Sheah Rarback’s piece ‘Forget what you’ve heard: Canola oil is still a healthy choice’ published on August 22.

The column was a remarkable example of an ignorant and biased personal choice being pushed to a gullible public who are on the fence about consuming canola oil to continue their consumption and to brush aside “a crazy internet rumor about canola oil not being a healthy choice.”

There was no reference to any emerging research, which continues to pile against canola and other commonly used vegetable oils.

For example, Canola oil is manufactured from genetically engineered grapeseed plants that are altered to reduce levels of the toxic erucic acid and then processed through several chemical baths before being bleached.

Or what about the study led by researcher Dr. Domenico Praticò from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who commented to the Los Angeles Times in 2017: "Canola oil is appealing because it is less expensive than other vegetable oils, and it is advertised as being healthy. Very few studies, however, have examined that claim, especially in terms of the brain."

There is more to Canoil oil’s dangerous side effects and we would all do well to educate ourselves and compare existing vs emerging research as well as consider both the pros and cons prior to making a choice concerning health.

Hussam Beg,

Fort Lauderdale

Governor’s race

It is too bad that a candidate for governor in Florida is using the word socialism to frighten Florida’s voters. They, like everyone else in this country, pool their resources by paying taxes to fund firefighting, law enforcement, water purification plants, roads, licenses for builders, etc. etc. and suffer no harm from it.

The profit they gain from investing in themselves and each other by supporting these services is peace of mind and not having to have septic tanks or wells from which to draw water, etc.

This is what socialism is — mutual funding for services.

If attacking socialism and race are the only planks in DeSantis’ platform, there is not much to stand on.

Virginia M. Jones,

Oak Ridge, TN


Bow out, Rudy

I offer this to Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that the American people would revolt if President Trump was to be impeached: No sir, what you mistake for gunshots would be champagne bottles popping by those who came to realize this nightmare is finally over.

But my issue is not with President Trump, it is with you, Rudy.

You were a great, great man, who, like the outstanding boxer, stayed way past his prime, ultimately getting beaten by mere mortals you would have knocked out a decade earlier. I’m not quite sure why ego gets in the way of such fighters, but rest assured, their legacies are forever tarnished. Oh, to find another Rocky Marciano or Marvin Hagler. You are neither, sir.

Rudy, take a dive, get counted out and/or just leave. You were once a somebody. No more. You are a shill of what you once were. You are embarrassing!

David Magnusson,

Coral Gables


I was astonished and appalled to see included in the Sunday Miami Herald edition a supplement dedicated to Nicaragua.

Yes, we all know the Central American country has made headlines lately, but because of the brutality and atrocity the population has been reprimanded and killed by the police and military.

Instead, this publication’s purpose is to sell Nicaragua as one of the most secure and clever investments in the region. Really? Nothing can be further from the truth.

The political instability and the repression of the people exercising their freedom to manifest has forced many businesses to close, leading to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, people to leave the country, and prisons full of political detainees.

Despite being a paid advertisement, I believe the editors should have not allowed this wicked propaganda. Nicaraguans and freedom lovers who live in this great nation deserve an apology.

Carlos Miranda,


Nelson’s silence

Why isn’t Sen. Bill Nelson rebutting Rick Scott’s ads that accuse him of cheating and not paying payroll taxes? He needs to remind voters that Scott’s company stole billions from Medicare and paid the biggest fine in U.S. history.

Voters now have to pay exorbitant fees for trash hauling in the Keys after last September’s storm thanks to Scott, when other companies were lined up and waiting to do the work at a fraction of the cost.

Does the Senate really need another climate change denier who wants to take away healthcare from as many of us as possible?

Nelson’s silence is baffling, unless he has been paid off to let Scott win and inflict more damage on all of us.

Wendy Isaacs,

West Kendall


The shooting carnage goes on and on — the latest victims in Jacksonville earlier this week. Guns of all types must be banished from ownership.

The Second Amendment is flawed at best; read it over and over until you get it. I leave it to intelligent heads to understand the true intent.

Besides, for the sake of humanity, for the purpose of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” our right to enjoy life as Americans is being compromised and sacrificed at the hands of the NRA and gun rights enthusiasts.

Sid Sussman,

Hallandale Beach