Speak Up

Drilling vs. security

Drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico threatens our national security. This area is an essential military range. The Eastern Gulf Test and Training Range (EGTTR) connects test and training capabilities from Northwest Florida to Key West.

Proponents of drilling in the eastern Gulf (EGOMEX) cite 56,000 jobs and $2.6 billion in annual revenue potential. In 2017, Eglin Air Force Base’s annual economic impact was more than $9 billion with 72,000 jobs. The existing economic benefit would be at risk, not to mention our national security, if drilling were allowed in the EGOMEX.

The Military Mission Line (MML) is a federal moratorium protecting the EGTTR from drilling. It expires in 2022 and needs to be extended. Drilling activities east of the MML are incompatible with military activities.

A 2018 Pentagon report states that “The EGOMEX is an irreplaceable national asset. No other area offers the DoD a comparable combination of air space, water space, and existing infrastructure to support military activities.”

As a national asset, it is critically important to preserve the EGTTR.

John Wilcox,

Fort Walton Beach

We deserve better

It is incredible that our president spends part of his supposedly valuable time sending nasty tweets about a basketball player, football players, ex-White House employees and other trivial matters.

He should be spending all of his time on important matters concerning our country, like the trade wars he started, inflation starting to grow, the possible world financial crisis after the plunge of the Turkish currency, North Korea, Iran, China’s threats, Russia meddling in our affairs, relations with our allies, and many more vital issues.

By his tweets, he reminds us of a spoiled brat, not the president of the most advanced and powerful country in the world.

What a spectacle for the rest of the world to see — a ranting president golfing on the weekends and ranting on tweeter expressing his inability to accept criticism.

Poor America, you deserve better to manage your affairs.

Laurent De Jaham,


Fins improvements

It is nice to see that Dolphins owner, Stephen Ross, made added improvements to the food and beverage service at Hard Rock Stadium.

Unless he makes the added improvements to the team, I’ll be spending most of my time at his new “whine bar.”

William Barkins,

Cooper City

Another view

Always two sides to every argument. In the Aug. 12 letter, “Kneeling again,” the writer stated that his father fought at Iwo Jima and he felt disrespected by the football players kneeling.

My father fought in North Africa and Italy, loved his NFL football, and would view his military service was to preserve our rights to protest when we feel our rights are being abused or ignored.

Lainey Nacron,


Job title repeal

Maybe it would be more appropriate to re-title those politicians such as State Senator Daphne Campbell as Lawbreakers rather than Lawmakers.

Michael Merhige,


Stop texting me!

As a voter, I do not welcome any political text messages, even from candidates I support.

In recent days, Jeff Greene’s campaign — on two occasions — texted me, asking for my support. Both times I responded to have my name taken off their email list.

Today, I received another Greene campaign text. Let it be known that, because I have been ignored, I will never vote for him. Do I make myself understood?

Fernando Hernandez,



When someone speaks ill of others, it is a good window into the heart and mind of the speaker, much more than of the one being maligned.

Do we want to elect politicians whose hearts and minds are filled with contempt for their colleagues?

If someone is campaigning for public office based on how awful they think the others are, it does not bode well for having that person in office. So when you see a negative ad about someone running for office, be sure to note who paid for it, and don’t vote for the person who paid for the ad.

Naomi Greenfield, North Lauderdale

Gov. Scott’s baggage

Our South Florida beaches are polluted with fecal matter. Lake Okeechobee is polluted by businesses that dump their byproducts into it, creating green algae that the Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t have the slightest clue how to neutralize, so they release it into the rivers.

The Florida legislature gets political donations from the business polluters, which makes them more like prostitutes, so nothing is ever accomplished.

And as the Miami Herald reports, Florida is now a major hub for the illegal shark fin trade exported to China.

All this, under the leadership of the do-nothing Gov. Scott. What a guy!

Mark Osman,



Last year, the City of Coral Gables instituted a ban on single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam beverage cups. My initial reaction was, Government, butt out of my life. Then I visited Vizcaya Museum.

I walked with my wife to the rear of the mansion on Biscayne Bay. As I made my way toward the western edge, I looked around the corner into the mangrove trees, and I saw enough plastic garbage to fill two construction dumpsters. I asked the staff when were they going to clean the mess, because it was making a very bad impression on tourists. Their response shocked me. “We clean this everyday, and every morning, there is more and more because the tide and the current brings this crap right here!"

I started thinking about how plastic bags were not the problem, it was plastic deli food containers, meals that were in Styrofoam containers, plastic straws, six pack or soda beer rings. There are so many things such as plastic knifes, forks, and spoons, and it's a matter of out of sight, out of mind. I remember wax paper straws, wax paper milk containers, what happened? Well, the plastic industry are able to make things once made from paper cheaper, and believe it or not, they have actually said in the beginning that they were saving of all things, Trees?

There should be a County-City Measure to ban plastic anything unless they can be recycled.

Robert A. Danford,


Celebrate cool

Given the continuing hot weather we are experiencing, I think it would be most appropriate to have a monument (statue) of Willis H. Carrier at Bayfront Park, in recognition of his great contribution to our society, the invention of air conditioning. I hope you agree.

Melvin “Skip” Chaves,

Port St. Lucie