Speak Up

Keep Melreese Golf Course

I grew up two blocks from Melreese Golf Course, in Grapeland Heights, a working class, solid middle-class neighborhood.

My brother, who today is an avid golfer, learned to golf at Melreese.

No one in our family or our neighborhood would have ever been described as elitist!

Melreese and the legendary Charlie De Lucca provides families like ours, along with the youth being served by The First Tee program, life-changing opportunities.

I thoroughly agree with Philip Maniatty, in his Aug. 9 letter, “Golf on a budget,” describing the outrageous prices charged at professional sports arenas, as being elitist.

Allowing Melreese, Miami’s only remaining golf course, to be eliminated for the benefit of those who are only looking to enrich themselves, is a sad commentary on the state of our community leaders’ values.

This is the wrong place for this horribly misguided project.

Wake up before it’s too late, and do the right thing!

Lynn Guarch-Pardo,

Coral Gables

Time for a change

Republicans have controlled the Florida State House, Florida State Senate, and the governorship for 20 years.

When I vote in November, my only question for Rick Scott and Republicans up and down the ballot is: Are we better off now than we were in 1998?

Privatizing public education and prisons, blocking access to health care for all Floridians, facilitating gun violence, degrading the environment, blocking high-speed rail service, lax oversight of nursing homes and juvenile justice and family services, gerrymandered elections, and pay-to-play corruption are the legacy of the GOP.

I want each and every Republican voted out, but not in a landslide.

I want each to lose by one vote, so I’ll know my vote made a difference.

James L. Wilson,


Touch of faith

In an Aug. 9 letter to the editor, “Immigrant policy,” the name Stephen Miller, a White House adviser, was mentioned as the person behind the no tolerance immigration policy implemented by the Trump administration.

In Trump World, where racism and anti-Semitism are not only tolerated but actively promoted, I would not want the fact that a Jewish person encourages a fascist Trump agenda to remain the elephant in the room.

I just want to make it crystal clear to Miami Herald readers that Stephen Miller’s beliefs, as he demonstrates through his actions on a daily basis, are antithetical to everything that we Jews believe.

Aside from having been born to Jewish parents, Stephen Miller is no Jew.

Andre Manne,


Missed a turn

As most of your letters blame President Trump for everything wrong in the world today, Sid Kurdis’ Aug. 9 letter, “Gun violence,” stands out.

Trump has been in office for 19 months. President Obama had an incredibly unique opportunity — as an African American male, father and community activist — for eight years to do something about gun violence, especially in his hometown of Chicago, where every weekend, it seems, brings another round of tragic deaths.

Linda Workman,

Miami Beach

Shotgun homes

In 2016, I wrote the Herald I was saddened to see historic Prayer Houses in Pinewood falling victim to a wrecking ball. I, therefore, can sympathize with historic planners who want to preserve 50 “shotgun” homes in Coconut Grove.

However, I also can see the viewpoint of frustrated homeowners who want to demolish or remodel these ancient, often unsafe structures.

I have a perfect solution. The Preservation Board could buy one shotgun home and fortify, remodel, and furnish it with artifacts to reflect the lifestyle of these early settlers.

They could conduct tours and charge admission.

Sounds expensive? Perhaps.

But it may save money in the long run, bypassing years of costly litigation and appeals.

And, it could enlighten and edify us all on the lifestyle and culture of our Bahamian and African-American pioneers!

Karin Stahl,

North Miami

Unfair decision

The City of Miami Historic Preservation Board has gone too far in declaring some dilapidated wooden structures in Coconut Grove to be historic, placing the burden on the property owners to repair/maintain them.

They do not have much of an architectural value other than they are wooden structures built 80 years ago.

Let the board raise the funds to save and relocate/rebuild a few of these “shotgun” houses to be moved to Kennedy Park or Peacock Park, open them for the public to tour the interiors and turn them into a museum.

The Historic Preservation Board has been unfair in this case and the affected property owners should appeal their decision.

Pablo Canton,

Coral Gables

NFL priorities

In football, if you disrespect another player (taunting), you get a 15-yard penalty. If you disrespect the referee, you may get ejected from the game.

But if you disrespect the country, you are hailed as a First Amendment hero. (Just so I understand the priorities.)

Stanley Spatz,


Independent vote

Those citizens who vote, but who proudly maintain their independent status, might want to consider registering to vote with one of the two major political parties, perhaps, whichever way they lean, because you can’t vote in Florida primary elections unless you are registered as Democrat or Republican.

In 40 years of watching politics, I still have not seen a recognized, successful third party. So you may be proud to be independent, but you are giving up your power to help choose who runs.

Monica Tracy,

Miami Beach