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Liberty City ‘Warriors’

On Aug. 8, I had the privilege of seeing a pre-screening of the first episode of Warriors of Liberty City, a six-part series that will premiere on STARZ on Sept. 16.

I have lived in Miami for more than 40 years and I had never heard of the Warriors or the athletic program, which was started 29 years ago by Luther Campbell and others to provide children residing in Liberty City with all kinds of comprehensive sports and academic opportunity at Hadley Park. What a revelation of dedication, community, hard work, perseverance and pure love. Not to mention football, drama, humor and a profound sense of humanity. I loved it. And to the lovely, confident and charming young cheerleader who said she wished people would get to know her before they judged her by the color of her skin or by her address, I say I’m sorry I never caught your name because one day it’s going to be famous.

This pilot was so full of heart and so well directed that when the credits started to roll, I actually jumped in my seat. I was so ready for more. Don’t miss it.

Debbi Cian, Miami

Seeking a hero

Despite Republicans’ rule with lies and deceit, attacking the free press (which is protected in the Constitution), a terrible foreign policy that insults our allies and is subservient to Russia, and an immigration policy that has separated children from parents, I see no viable Democrat who can defeat President Trump in 2020.

The Democratic Party must come up with a squeaky clean, young candidate who can energize the country’s youth, women, environmentalists and senior citizens who are seeking a president who is truthful, respectful, and intelligent and who can deal with our allies and enemies diplomatically.

That person must come on the scene soon to add to the Democratic successes in local elections to take back the House and the Senate.

Who, among the young Democrats who are politically motivated politicians, will emerge with courage and conviction to offer the best alternative for our president?

The time, opportunity and necessity are now.

Morgan Levy,


Pigskin protests

When it comes to football, that’s what it should be about.

The players have the right to express their political positions, but not at work.

They have many other opportunities to express themselves.

I’ve never worked for or have ever seen employees openly demonstrating for a cause.

I don’t think the football players are any more special than the rest of us.

Michael Fomon,


Vote for Gillum

Every time I see one of those FPL ads showing clean-cut African Americans smiling while installing solar panels for the good future of our grandchildren, I feel like retching.

How can FPL pretend to anything but stonewalling against solar power? And are there any African Americans in positions of power within the executive ranks, or are they all smiling linemen?

I heard that there was a ballot initiative on the possibility of competition to this behemoth monopoly. And then it faded. Can you imagine the possibility of buying power from another enterprise that might treat you as a customer instead of a servant?

Meanwhile, there is much hubbub about the millionaire, billionaire Jewish candidates for governor. All of the candidates for governor are wealthy!

Why do they want to be governor? To streamline their wealth and that of their compatriots and donors, like FPL?

I’m voting for the only non-millionaire running, the only candidate from the 99 percent.

I’m voting for Andrew Gillum!

He is immensely qualified, hard-working, bright and well-spoken, with a keen understanding of the life of the common man. Why does he get no press from the Miami Herald?

Tom Edwards,

Miami Gardens

Cartoons tiring

All of the editorial cartoons and comments are in lockstep against President Trump, and it’s disingenuous. Surely, the Miami Herald wants to balance their news, but always misses the point that Republicans vote, too.

You have also clearly taken an anti-gun stance and spread lies about the NRA, which is blamed for crime rates. There is no connection. Guns do not cause crimes.

And we already have laws that criminals don’t follow. Please be reasonable, as you sound like crybabies.

Leonard Feinman,


Source of irritation

Pity President Trump. The U.S. Constitution must be a constant irritation to him. He comes up with a glorious way of throwing perfectly legal immigrants out of the country and those nasty old drafters of the Constitution have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery.

Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution reads, in part, “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.”

In other words the crime of having accepted a public benefit in the past cannot be used to justify an expulsion nor denial of the right to apply for citizenship to an otherwise legal immigrant.

No wonder the president admires all those countries where the law is what the leader says it is.

Arnold Slotkin,