Speak Up

Trump takes a knee

Did the man who cited NFL players as being unpatriotic for taking a knee to bring attention to social injustice take a knee in Helsinki himself?

Herbert Mahone, Pembroke Pines

Wake up call

At the Helsinki Summit, our president’s gross non-use of judgment, blinded by his narcissistic prejudice, favored a Russian dictator’s lies over our U.S. intelligence community’s verified indictment of Russia’s meddling in our election process.

Sometimes, adversity can bring about a blessing in disguise. Based on his misuse of power and treasonous commentary before the world’s stage, President Trump has provided the U.S. Congress a forum for returning to a system of checks and balances by restoring our time-honored process of effective bipartisanship. Its next order of business is to remove our Trojan horse of a president in favor of an honest, dedicated patriot.

The evidence is clear: Donald Trump’s excessive, erotic self-interest has finally befallen him.

Our opposing political parties have an opportunity of finding common ground through active compromise on behalf of the people of our United States of America.

H. Allen Benowitz, Miami

Echoing problem

Fascinatingly, the July 17 Miami Herald dedicated a portion of the editorial page to Influencers’ suggestion to provide a solution to Miami-Dade traffic woes.

On the previous page, a projected additional traffic problem was directly addressed in a letter to the editor — the traffic which would occur with those driving to the airport while others leave the soccer game at the proposed Melreese site.

Miami-Dade continues to propose development, ignoring associated traffic problems, and continues to fail in solving the problems created from past developments made without traffic concerns. When will we learn?

Robert C. Meyer, Miami

No response Rubio

When will Senator Marco Rubio ever put country before party? His response to Trump’s performance in Helsinki was, at best, insipid.

He might gain stature and respect from many of his constituents if he ever responded to their inquiries, concerns or taking a strong stand about anything that is contrary to America’s principles and values. But the chances of his ever responding to any of his constituents are equal to my chances of buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lois Kahn, Coral Gables

Putin’s secrets

The question that everyone should be asking is, why is Trump so terrified of Putin?

Trump has huffed and puffed against Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un), German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Theresa May, you name it, but never, ever Putin. Why is that? What does Putin have or know that so terrifies Trump?

Mario Bacallao, Miami

Good headline

Congratulations to the Miami Herald! Its July 17 headline was clear: “Trump questions U.S. intel, not Putin.”

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal, having to keep its name within the group of real newspapers, had on its front page, “Trump questions Russia meddling,” a confusing headline that can be interpreted in several ways, including that Trump questioned Putin about Russia’s meddling, something that did not happen.

I love our town newspaper, maintaining the high values of the free press!

Jorge Mordujovich, Miami Beach

Bad headline

The indictments in the Russia probe, as well as the impotent meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, have been a fitting overture to the disastrous summit in Helsinki. Each item seems enough harm to our country to be billed as “breaking news,” interrupting our sitcoms and TV dramas, but that would be happening every single day, so that has to be used sparingly.

The Miami Herald has the forum to convey the meat of the issues on a daily basis, starting with the front page headline. The Herald shied away from stating exactly what happened with Putin.

Perhaps there was some editorial directive to “not sound partisan,” and in so doing, the July 17 headline, “Trump questions U.S. Intel, not Putin,” was a softball approach and it is not enough! It should have been, “Trump questions U.S. Intel, praises Putin,” which more accurately conveys the dynamic that occurred.

Headlines become a part of the historic record. This is not the time to pussy-foot around. Tell it like it is.

Deborah Castillo, Miramar

Foggy SunPass

Re the July 16 story, “SunPass mess: Contractor in spotlight.” Once again, somebody had the right family or friend connection.

It’s the same old story: It’s not what you know, but who you know. The same is true for the FIU bridge disaster. This is business as usual in the makings of the powers that be.

Truly qualified people who would do excellent work are overlooked because they didn’t have the right connection. This is true everywhere, but especially in south Florida, where devious doings run rampant.

Too bad voters can’t see résumés and then decide who is best suited for our major endeavors.

Lucita L. Moran, Coral Gables

Borrow a stadium

Instead of all this talk about building a billion dollar, 25,000-seat stadium and entertainment complex that will be torn down in a few years, why can’t David Beckham and his merry men of investors find an existing venue, like the stadiums at FIU in Miami or FAU in Boca Raton, and start playing soccer and gathering fans while the hype of the World Cup is still in full motion?

Why does every sports franchise owner and group have to be so greedy? Give us a major league soccer team now and let us enjoy it.

Ron Schwartz, Hollywood

Soccer by the sea?

At the July 12 city commission meeting, Jorge Mas said that the Marlins deal was a terrible one for our community and that his group is not going to do anything like that.

Repurposing a public facility for personal gain is the same thing and as bad as the Marlins deal. The hotel, office and retail space that is being proposed has nothing to do with bringing soccer to Miami. It has everything to do with making a small group of wealthy individuals even wealthier.

If the main focus of the Beckham group is to bring MLS to Miami, I’m sure they can find a parcel of land on which to build their stadium without destroying our beautiful golf course.

Has anyone considered combining the soccer stadium with the refurbishing of Miami Marine stadium? There seems to be quite a lot of currently unused land there.

Maureen Redmond, Miami