Speak Up

Russian nuke

I cried when I saw the utter satisfaction on the face of former KGB/current dictator Putin as he stood next to the weakest, most cowardly American president in history, who he so easily manipulated into betraying the American people — publicly, in front of the entire world!

Remove Trump! Baker Act him for endangering others (America) and all that we the people stand for! This is beyond damage control.

Pat Milone, Redland

Prove it, Trump

President Putin has told the whole world that the Russians have nothing on President Trump and that there was no Russian interference in our 2016 elections. President Trump again has stated that there was no collusion with the Russians and he believes Putin when he says that Russia did not interfere in our elections.

The ongoing investigation is blamed for worsening relations between the two countries. In the plain language so beloved by President Trump: Put up or shut up!

Trump claims he has nothing to hide. Prove it. The president should release his tax returns, sit with Mueller’s investigation team and clear up any lingering doubts about his actions and the actions of his campaign staff once and for all. Putin should send the indicted Russian intelligence officers to Washington so they can clear their names.

Those Republicans in Congress who stand with the president should also put up or shut up, much as the Republicans did with Richard Nixon. The Republican leadership should demand that Trump back up his incessant whining and complaining with evidence and actions, as opposed to tweeting like a nine year old with his first phone.

President Trump threw the U.S. under the bus. Now he needs to prove that his is fit to be president.

Leonard P. Fenn, Coral Gables

Seen it all

Well, now I’ve seen it all. An American president believing a denial from an ex-KGB leader over the intelligence from his own government agencies that there was some sort of meddling in the 2016 elections, and will probably continue in this year’s mid term elections. Of course, he’d never say anything different for that would call into question his election.

While Trump spends so much time genuflecting to Putin and Kim, starting a trade war with China and longing for his beloved wall, he never misses a chance to insult or alienate the true allies of the U.S.A.

I was encouraged to see that many Republicans and even Fox News questioned his judgment, but they’ll all soon fall back under the spell of the celebrity snake oil salesman. What’s next? Lunch with Raul Castro and dinner with Nicolas Maduro? Maybe inviting Ortega to Mar-a-Lago? He does seem to have a peculiar knack for bonding with dictators.

Very scary for America when the president listens to and believes our adversaries but not our allies, and more importantly, our own intelligence agencies. And I thought we had a crisis back in the 70’s with Nixon. Yeah, I’ve seen it all...too many times.

Charles Peters, Miami

South Dade rail?

Re the July 17 opinion, “Buses failed; give South Dade rail.”

Given the presence of two aging nuclear reactors, not to mention the radon problem west of U.S. 1 in South Dade, the county should be discouraging population growth there, not encouraging it by building up mass transit.

Thomas A. Breslin, Miami

A makeover it’s not

Re the July 17 opinion, “Buses failed; give South Dade rail.” Nobody takes the bus because they want to.

Three hundred million dollars to put lipstick on a pig, paint the pig’s toenails and dress it with a skirt won’t change the pig.

Daniel Holmes, Miami

Bad movie script

Hollywood got it wrong. It’s not The Manchurian Candidate, what we have is The Siberian Candidate. Trump is clearly in Putin’s pocket. Trump’s behavior in Europe, not to mention his conflicts of interest, meets the test of high crimes and misdemeanors.

It’s time for Congress to force disclosures (like Trump’s taxes) and begin the impeachment process.

Stan Hills, Coral Gables

System is broken

I cannot, in good conscience, support President Trump. I can, in good conscience, support our intelligence agencies. There are too many to not create a check and balance amongst them. There is no check and balance with Trump.

Kathy Terry, Coral Gables

Course exchange

The plan to build a soccer stadium and office park on the site of Melreese Golf Course is impressive. As a community, we should be grateful to the Mas family partnership for promising to privately finance this project. It should be built. But, if a public golf course, which serves the community in many ways, is going to be taken away, another public golf course should replace it.

The renovation of the former Westview Golf Course should be a part of this plan. That course, once private, sits abandoned on the outskirts of Opa-locka, an area of our community that could certainly use an infusion of investment. The First Tee program at Melreese, which teaches golf to underprivileged children, could continue — and even expand — if Westview was renovated.

The only real opposition to the project is the taking away of a public golf course. This can easily be remedied. The additional cost to renovate the former Westview is insignificant considering the billion dollars in capital the Mas family promises to spend. Let’s cover all the bases here so the community can get what it wants, and needs.

Michael Shelley, Miami Beach

Trump a traitor

Please stop using the innocuous, inaccurate word “meddling” when describing Russia’s actions in the 2016 election. It was and continues to be cyberwar.

The Department of Justice announced indictments against 12 Russian intelligence officers on July 13, three days before the Trump-Putin meeting. After Trump’s disgraceful behavior at the Helsinki press conference on July 16, it’s time to start calling our president what he is: Traitor — plain and simple.

Dorothy St. George, Davie

Rep. Curbelo cares

Since the 2016 election, it has become almost political suicide to speak out against someone of their own party, especially when it comes to Trump. This creates an atmosphere where our representatives cannot express their own opinions out of fear of not being reelected, even if it interferes with their own morality.

That is why I am incredibly grateful when I see U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, criticizing the president’s meeting with Putin. It is reassuring that someone in the government cares more about his constituents and the state of our country than the fate of his re-election campaign. We need more people like Curbelo elected in November!

Emma Oglensky, Tampa