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Congested roads

Congested roads

Has anyone in David Beckham’s ownership group driven down Le Jeune Road by the airport or driven east on State Road 836 in the morning? I doubt it. If they had, they would understand that these roadways are completely congested morning, noon and night.

The last thing that area needs is hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space. It will bring travel in that area to a standstill. I’m sure his group will trot out traffic studies showing that this massive development will not have any impact on the surrounding roads, but we know better.

Please leave the little bit of green space left in Miami alone.

Shawn Devendorf,

Miami Springs

Government fine

President Trump’s inhumane immigration policy is the personification of cruel and unusual punishment. How should the federal judge respond to Trump’s inability to quickly reunite children with their parents? The judge should impose a fine of $10,000 per day, per child, to be paid by the government directly to the families.

Many of these children will suffer long-term (or permanent) psychological damage and will need costly professional treatment for many years. This fine could help them cover the costs.

Doug Mayer,


Strzok hearing

After watching shamed FBI agent Strzok for several hours on TV, I have come to the conclusion that he is a disgrace to the fine and decent people of the FBI.

Watching the Democrats on the House Committee display their bias and attempt to give him a pass was embarrassing and disgraceful. One pathetic congressman wants to give him the Purple Heart.

I am convinced that they will fail in their attempt to clear him of impending charges for his conduct during the Clinton email investigation and the Mueller probe.

Jose A. Mesa, Jr.,


Red tide Scott

After eight years as governor, Rick Scott’s campaign donations rolled in from Big Sugar.

Lake Okeechobee now is in a state of emergency, declared by Scott himself, with blue green algae covering at least 90 percent of it, and headed down stream toward the Gulf.

Scott allowed Big Sugar to self-police their discharges into our Florida waterways in trade for campaign donations. Interesting decision.

Now Scott wants to make these types of decisions in Washington for us all. Enough is enough. Vote.

What will he trade off next? Our clean air?

Thea Nelson, Englewood

Watching, waiting

I am a registered Republican observing with disbelief what is occurring in our country. Understanding how it happened, and anxiously expecting and awaiting our elected representatives to follow their sworn oath of office to protect the U.S. from its enemies and traitors, and safeguard the constitution, the so-called leader of our country — not representing the majority — is humiliating the U.S. domestically and abroad.

He is a proven falsifier; he’s unethical, immoral, crude, self-serving, and a deplorable individual void of compassion, empathy, respect for others, and a materially polarizing force.

It’s so hard to observe what’s happening, as his minions line up to serve their provincial interests, and not America’s.

Our beloved country was attacked by a foreign entity, influencing for its own betterment the candidate of their choice. It’s outrageous to observe the actions of the president, as he beckons to the whims of Putin, disparages and insults our allies, does nothing to prevent such intervention from happening again, and insults or disparages those questioning his deportment. Yet, it continues.

Hopefully, the citizens and patriots of our country will act in November and take the initial steps to remove this unfit abomination from office.

Mel Lowell,


Save the bay

I now see tons of filthy water being pumped out the Dade and Broward canals and rivers. Soon, we may have our own polluted green bay.

John B. McCaughan,

Miami Shores

Founding Fathers

Re the July 11 letter, “For Kavanaugh,” by Nelson Diaz. He praises Kavanaugh for having the same “values that our Founding Fathers built the country on.” I think Diaz needs to brush up on his history. He is leaving out the most important thing our Founding Fathers believed in, which is the separation of church and state.

Kavanaugh’s stance on Roe vs. Wade, gay marriage, etc., is what the bible thumpers (aka Republicans) believe in, and hence, what they believe laws should be based on: the “good book.”

As a firm believer in the separation of church and state, I cannot share Diaz’ praise of our possible new SCOTUS. I think our Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves if they knew what’s become of the laws they wrote so many years ago.

Anthony F. Magaldi,

Miami Beach

Land grab

It is disheartening to see that the City of Miami commissioners are considering ceding a precious public property for development and private gain. Have they driven by the Marlins mausoleum lately, with its empty rental spaces, its empty garages?

Their job is not to encourage development (there is over-development already) or to create jobs (the job market in Miami is very tight now), but to preserve green spaces to be lungs for the city and places for people to relax and exercise.

This is not going to be a golf course. This is another greedy grab.

Hilary Langen,

Miami Beach

Soccer and baseball

Major League Soccer (MLS) teams only play 17 home games in a season. So, instead of further enriching multimillionaires by giving them public land to build a new stadium complex, why not have the Beckham group work out a deal to play in Marlins Stadium?

The group could pay for whatever modifications need to made to the facility. With their minuscule home attendance, the Marlins are hardly using the stadium anyway.

The New York City FC MLS team plays in Yankee Stadium, so there is precedent.

The goal of a new soccer stadium could be met by using the Marlins home park, a facility the public is already stuck paying for.

Michael Marmesh,


Summary review

I do not understand why everyone is so upset about Trump meeting with Putin in private.

Most of us have to have a private meeting with our boss to get our job performance evaluations!

Richard Signori,