Speak Up

Thai cave rescue

The multinational team rescue of the Thai soccer boys from a flooded cave shows what amazing things can be accomplished when people work together without hidden political agendas.

Robert S. Steinberg,

Palmetto Bay

Kavanaugh pick

Not only are his credentials and record impeccable, and his family lovely, but the soon-to-be confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh is white, clean-cut, churchgoing and heterosexual.

Someone please remind Leonard Pitts, Fabiola Santiago, Dianne Feinstein, Jake Tapper and all the other Trump-haters to take their blood pressure medicine.

Michael P. Gable,


Stadium by the port

As the Beckham Group is having buyers remorse, perhaps it’s a good time to revisit the PortMiami site.

The stadium could be built over a cavernous space that could also store shipping containers, hold conventions, and host the annual boat show.

Restaurants, bars, and marine-related businesses would occupy the ground floor.

Best yet, unlike the Overtown and Melreese sites, PortMiami has a rail line. That means fans as far away as Orlando and Tampa (soon) will be able to hop a Brightline train and get off at a station next to the stadium.

Those living in South Dade can take Metrorail and transfer to Brightline — or take Metromover and walk over the bridge to the stadium. In this scenario, everybody wins: no public land is given away, and precious PortMiami land is still available for container storage. Homeowners need not fear a stadium in their backyards and hundreds if not thousands of cars are taken off the roads on game days.

D.C. Copeland,

Miami Shores

By the river

Re Parks Masterson’s July 10 letter, “Take this land.” Along with being closer to Metrorail and Tri-Rail, the Bertram property also has river frontage, so that private boats can dock there, and also the water taxis.

Marilyn M. Hodgkins,


Ready-made site

David Beckham’s much anticipated soccer stadium is still in limbo. All the proposed sites are fraught with problems: lack of parking; traffic congestion; uprooting established neighborhoods; sacrificing a golf course; the list goes on.

Why not utilize the unused baseball stadium in Homestead, which is adjacent to the 80,000-seat world class Homestead Speedway? There is plenty of parking and great access roads.

This stadium was originally built for the Cleveland Indians spring training camp but was never used. The city of Homestead now wants to tear it down.

This is like finding a garaged Corvette and deciding to trash it because it was never driven. The soccer stadium could be accomplished immediately and would benefit all.

Allan Ira Bass,


Breast milk fiasco

So the United States opposed and bullied Ecuador not to sponsor a resolution in the World Health Organization promoting the advantages of breast milk and feeding, then threatened to impose sanctions and remove military support if they did not withdraw the resolution.

Why am I not surprised?

Because when you have a bully for a president, his minions bully as well. Shame, shame!

Thankfully, Russia — of all countries — stepped in to support the measure. Of course, President Trump could not object to his buddies in Russia doing this!

Ana Maria Bacallao,


Lackluster leaders

Re July 10 article “Political muscle halts release of Lake O’s foul water.”

The article had two salient sentences that sum up the problem to its rotten core: “Florida lawmakers ordered the lake cleaned by 2015. But two years ago, the Legislature, pressured by the powerful sugar industry, extended the clean-up another 20 years.”

Our elected officials, Gov. Scott, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, and the Republican-controlled state Legislature, decided long ago to shirk their responsibility to protect Florida’s environment in order to appease the interests of Big Sugar.

Time after time, again we’ve seen extensions, delays and decisions to favor Big Sugar to the detriment of the environment and Florida’s citizens.

One can only wonder why our political leaders consistently exhibit a lack of fortitude and drive to protect the environment and deal with the decades of neglect that have allowed Lake Okeechobee’s problems to fester.

Responsible voters should think long and hard about this on their way to the polls in November. I know I will.

Tony Saiz,


Money ball

A pro soccer stadium is fine, but never at the expense of the only golf course in the city of Miami, and at the expense of the wonderful First Tee Program for underprivileged children.

It would be a low point in the political history of Miami if the Beckham/Mas motion passes in the Miami Commission.

Unfortunately, it is obvious that the powerful Beckham/Mas group has lots of money to lobby for their plan.

I hope the city of Miami commissioners consider their votes very carefully and vote with their hearts and brains and not just for economic benefits.

Pablo Zamora,

Key Biscayne

Waiting to applaud

Re the July 9 story “In this Honduran town, would-be migrants now think twice before heading to U.S.”

So Trump’s policy of separating kids from their parents seems to be an effective deterrent for would-be immigrants. Since the data shows that providing a safe haven to those fleeing violence has posed a threat neither to our safety nor our economic security, I will hold my applause.

What I would like to see are effective deterrents for Russian meddling in our elections; deterrents for fraud and corruption; deterrents for polluters of our air and water; deterrents for hateful and divisive speech and behavior; and deterrents for military actions that create so many refugees.

Those are the headlines I would applaud.

Helene Dudley,


Careless people

Now it seems that all the “greens” are getting on the ban-the-plastic bandwagon.

If people were not careless about throwing away things improperly, we wouldn’t have the island of plastic refuse floating in the Pacific Ocean.

How difficult is it to dispose of your trash properly? Plastic isn’t the problem; careless humans are. Solve the problem, not the symptom.

Victor J. LaPorta,

Palmetto Bay

Change parties

Re the July 7 story “Curbelo barred from Homestead shelter:” If U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo is so sincere about burning issues and truly wants to represent his constituency, then he should change his party affiliation.

Subhash Jethi,

Miami Springs