Speak Up

Loyal subject

How nice! President Trump, the epitome of hypocrisy, offered his thoughts and prayers to the victims of the latest shooting in Maryland — while his absolute loyalty and support goes to (and comes from) the NRA.

David Harris, Miami

Bad business

I once worked for a large U.S. company. It was a troubled company, and a wealthy businessman was brought in to save it. He sold it off in pieces until there was nothing left. The company declared bankruptcy, 40,000 people were left unemployed and the wealthy businessman became wealthier.

That company was Eastern Airlines. What’s been forgotten is that the first piece to be sold was the famous Air Shuttle, the hourly service operating between D.C., New York and Boston for 30 years. The buyer was another wealthy businessman who tried to rebrand it as an elegant flying experience. After three years, that businessman — Donald Trump — sold it and was forgiven $100 million of the $145 million in debt he personally guaranteed.

This is what is happening in America. A wealthy businessman is trying to make America his brand. He is selling off our values and our public lands. He is undermining agencies, rescinding policies and cutting programs that protect and serve the public.

Where is the money going? To a skyrocketing national debt, to a military parade and a wall proclaiming his greatness?

Our federal lawmakers need to know whether or not we like the brand being thrust upon us.

Barbara Runkel,

Smyrna, Ga.

Let’s heal America

My late mother was fond of saying, “Nip it in the bud.” When any of her children misbehaved, she immediately took measures to correct our errant behavior. That way, she restored civility in our home.

What’s happening now in America is totally unacceptable. When elected leaders behave uncivilly, their counterparts should call them to task. Continuing to lash out at each other makes the slippery slope upon which we find ourselves even more slippery.

As a black American male, I know what it’s like to be denied services, be it in a restaurant, on a bus or other places where Jim Crow practices were in play. Therefore, I’d offer these truths: After a long day at work, people like the president’s press secretary deserve to sit in a restaurant, unwind and enjoy a meal; Maxine Waters is wrong — so is Newt Gingrich and anyone else who supports and exhibits bad behavior.

On the other hand, when one of her children had a scratch, Mother lovingly treated it with a healing salve before it festered into something worse. America needs a healing salve.

Ollie Daniels,

Pembroke Pines

Dump Trump

Criminalizing asylum seekers and taking their children was a new low for the Trump administration.

Jeff Sessions had the temerity to quote the Romans 13 from the Bible for justification of this misguided and cruel policy. Shame on him. The biblical passage that Sessions quoted was used in the past to justify slavery.

Separating breastfeeding mothers from their infants and then transporting the babies to sites around the country was a hideous abomination more characteristic of a totalitarian regime than a democracy. By the way, where are the babies?

Let’s make America great again. Vote out President Trump and his feckless stooges.

Arthur Hirshorn,


Ride public transit

I ride Miami-Dade public transportation regularly. I just cannot get over County Commissioner Joe Martinez’s negativity about transit, as shown by his comments in the June 20 Herald story “What happens when a Miami-Dade commissioner takes the bus and actually likes it?:”

“I had an unofficial survey of my kids and their friends,” Commissioner Joe Martinez said last week as the sponsor of legislation to extend the 836 expressway 14 miles into his district in West Kendall, a plan that won preliminary approval in a 9-2 vote. “They won’t take a bus. Ever.”

For Martinez, having a regular bus rider join the commission doesn’t mean much. “I don’t need to get shot to know getting shot is going to hurt,” said Martinez, a former county police officer. “Hearing the experiences from my constituents is the same hearing it from her.”

His comments about getting shot are way out of line. On what planet is he living? I expect positivity and more respect for our community. Is his constituency only made up of his children and friends? I am glad to have Eileen Higgins on the xommission. We need more people like her.

Gloria Kelley,


Done with the Beach

I grew up in Miami and Miami Beach. My mother still lives in Coral Gables. There’s lots of family and friends in Miami. Deep roots, and I return often to visit. I brought my family on my most recent visit to Miami. I wanted to show them the sites of my youth — the Grove, Key Biscayne, South Beach.

That’s when things got ugly.

For safety reasons I parked in the Miami Beach parking garage on Seventh Street. We walk to the Clevelander for lunch and to watch Argentina vs. Nigeria World Cup match. When we returned to the garage, I found that someone had broken into my rental car and really trashed it. Four of our backpacks were gone.

Hey just one more tourist with horror stories about Miami and its crime!

But for me, it was personal. I grew up here. My stolen backpack had survived several tours to Iraq with me.

I am now safely back in North Carolina, and it will be a cold day in hell before Miami Beach sees my shadow again. I will still travel to Miami to visit my mother and friends. I will put up with the awful traffic and horrible, ugly drivers. But when asked when I will move back to Miami my answer will be, “Never!”

By the way, the Miami Beach police officers who responded were great — the only silver lining to a otherwise dark day.

Luis H. Hernandez,

Emerald Isle

Unending evils

We might as well get used to the lies, hate, insults, slander and hysteria — at least until Jan. 20, 2021, when our next president will be inaugurated. Then again, President Trump might be reelected.

In the meantime, it’s as though we’ve opened Pandora’s box. There is no end to the evils that emerge from Trump and his administration.

JoAnn Lee Frank,


Media culpable

In his June 27 column, “We’re not only trashing each other, we’re trashing America,” Leonard Pitts Jr. talks about what we used to do and what we don’t do now. He left one out. The media used to be politically unbiased, but they aren’t anymore.

Chris Bimonte,